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Help join-up fail - got charged

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  • Horse responsive in roundpen but wont join up
  • My horse charges me when doing join up

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    05-10-2011, 12:13 AM
Super Moderator
If the pony reared and charged you, then definitely get another person to help you next time, especially if this is the first time your pony has been in a round pen and tried doing join up. You want the next time you do this to be more certain of a successful outcome. THEN you can try it.

I am not big on join up, but I do do round pen. And for me it's not about making my horse join me and follow me aorund. It's about getting him to honestly listen to what I have to say. So, I try saying a lot of different things, like go, slow down, speed up, look at me, move your butt over, move your shoulder over, back up, follow me, lower your head. If I have my horse doing these things and doing them without too much bad attitude, and he is doing what I ask without resistance and negative push back, then that is enough.

So, for asking the horse to go forward, I mihgt not actdually keep them moving forward the whole time, IF when I asked for a good surge forward, I got an honest try. If the horse blew me off with a la-de-dah "I'll trot this little bit and maybe you'll leave me alone", then I would get real strong and get a real strong response of forward! And then I would just stop pushing and maybe stand or walk slowly and let the horse cruise forward on their own. Afterall, she did what I asked.
Then, ask again with LESS and see if you get an honest forward, but if not, then shazam! The rope snakes out and stings 'em on the behind, and if they go, I let them and take all pressure off. ALL I want is forward, not sustained forward. THAT is step one.
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    06-03-2011, 03:12 AM
I am a beginner with horses, I just got my first horse 6months ago. A 9 year TB with an attitude to boot. I know I am just starting out but I learned fast that he needed to know who was in charge. It scared the heck out of me when he charged me and he did it when I had already been working with him for about a month so I naturally thought we didn't need any attitude adjustments. I was wrong. My father in law was luckily around to help me, because I will admit I was scarred. Eventually as I watched I learned he wasn't so mean as he was looking for a leader and wanted some direction and it didn't take much change his behavior. With a change of attitude and more presence on my part I became that leader, though I do have to remind him from time to time. He doesn't do anthing unless I allow it and you may think that is mean but I don't let anything slide and if he misbehaves he has to work harder. He is learning that when he's a gentlemen on the ground or if I am in the saddle, life if much easier and we have fun. I have never had to smack him or anything and I hope it doesn't have to happen. Sorry for the novel just wanted you to know my expierence and what worked for me. Good luck and be careful
    06-26-2011, 02:59 PM
Don't forget, horses warn us before they charge. As others stated, you were allowing your horse to be dominant by allowing her to misbehave (bucking, kicking, throwing her head). The moment she does ANY of those things, you have to move her feet to tell her that it is NOT acceptable behavior. Hopefully, the next time you're in the pen with her, making her change direction and work harder after doing something "silly" as throwing her head or bucking will prevent her from charging.

Also remember, doing it once and getting a good result won't cut it. Especially not with a mare. I am constantly having to remind our mare that *I* am head mare, not her. She challenges the pecking order every great once in a while and when she does, I make her move her feet.

Good luck!

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