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I dont understand Natural Horsemanship.....

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        10-09-2013, 12:26 PM
    Well from reading MOST of these posts I'd say what we do is more common sense horse training/breaking. Of the 17 her and probly another 1/2doz buried behind the barn. Very few have truely been cowboyed but I will say we don't play a bunch of silly games either.

    Thanks for the descriptions guys I enjoyed reading your posts.

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        10-10-2013, 09:17 AM
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    I hate the term 'natural horsemanship' and never use it. I think it has just become a 'buzzword' for the marketing of systems that are supposed to help people with little horse experience and 'hands on' knowledge. It helps some people and it is of little help to many others.

    The term tries to fool people into paying a lot of money for equipment and videos that is supposed to turn the novice into a person that can teach a horse to do what they want. They are trying to fool people into thinking what they are doing is 'natural' when absolutely nothing we do with horses is natural to them. The terminology is 100% BS as is the marketing that is only set up to part mostly middle aged women and idealistic little girls from their money.

    If a person has learned how to 'teach' a horse, step by step, to accept each next new step without bullying, pain and coercion, that person is well on their way to becoming a true 'horseman' in my estimation. Teaching anything to a horse involves applying 'pressure' to elicit a response and 'releasing' that pressure when the horse does the right thing. 'Natural' begins and ends right there. This is how horses learn proper herd behavior and learn when people are not in the mix. Learning how to do this effectively to obtain the unnatural result WE WANT, is as close as any horsemanship comes to being natural.

    If a person has learned to simply 'close' all of the 'wrong' doors and 'open' the door you want the horse to go through using 'pressure and release', you have set the horse up to do the right thing. The only reward the horse needs is the release of pressure.

    I have always preferred to call my way of doing things "Common sense horsemanship" because that is exactly what it is.

    JMHO Cherie
        10-14-2013, 09:51 PM
    Originally Posted by verona1016    
    I tend to shy away from a lot of the "natural" terms for horses (natural horsemanship, natural horse keeping, natural trimming, etc.) because once you take a horse out of the wild, keep him in a fenced area, and ask him to accept being ridden by a human, you've left "natural" behind.

    However, I do find that the basis of a lot of "natural horsemanship" is just "good horsemanship"- trying to meet the horse halfway by understanding how he interprets your actions, observing his reactions, and making adjustments accordingly. Making sure training and human interaction is a positive experience overall.

    Aside from the people who "cowboy" horses with brute force, there are also the people who just ignore certain aspects of horse training. I've met at least one person who told me "Oh, I don't do that NH stuff" and the truth is she didn't really do any horsemanship "stuff." And her horses (at least the one I was looking at buying) were unsafe because of it- they don't respect space, can't be touched all over, etc. even though this particular horse was started under saddle and in dressage training!
    This! I always find it kind of funny when "traditionalists" scoff at NH people and NH people scoff at them. In reality, they're pretty much doing the same thing.
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