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Parelli with a green horse and ground manner question

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    05-16-2008, 09:49 AM
JDI, the term Horsenality is something new from Parelli. Like people have personalities, horses have horsenalities and you can basically divide them into 4 main areas: Right Brained Extrovert, Right Brained Introvert, Left Brained Extrovert and Left Brained Introvert. Each horsenality has a different set of tactics you can use to calm them down, motivate them, get more obedience, etc. Right brain is the term we use for a fearful horse and left brain is the term we use for a confident horse.

But here is where an imitater and an imulator are have to know which strategies to use on your horse at any given moment and be correct. If your horse is right brained extroverted (running around, obviously scared) and you use a left brained introvert strategy........oh boy, you won't get anywhere!

There is a bunch of information on horsenalities on the parelli website.
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    05-16-2008, 10:23 AM
I am not a parelli student. But, a lot of his games make sence. I like the "porcupine game" we did that without knowing it was really a parelli game. We just spent time showing our horses that this is my bubble with little pushes and telling the horse to move over.

Neither my horse or I am a fan of the yo-yo game. I don't like signaling my horse to back up by wiggling the lead rope. I teach back by saying the words "back up" and either using gentle tugs on the halter and moving towards the horses chest or using my hand when they have no halter on and touching their chest. I always say back up. Now I don't have to touch them or tug at the halter they will do it with just voice commands.

I don't think parelli is right for every horse. I know it works for a lot. And if you already have the program go ahead and use it in order. There are alot of other trainers too. Maybe a different technique will work better with this mare.
    05-16-2008, 04:13 PM
I've got a little bit of a different opinion here. The reason she had problems with the games is that she had never done them before, not that it's out of order. Anytime you try to teach a horse something, there is going to be a period of confusion, a period of where they do the opposite of what you want, and then they will suddenly get it. Some horses take longer than others, and usually the less they know the longer it will take them to learn. See where the horse is confused and what you can do to teach her, and try again. Best of luck, but remember, she just doesn't know at this point. Be patient but firm, and it will come.
    05-16-2008, 06:43 PM
While I agree with the above as well, the fact that the games were played out of order DOES play a part in it That's just how the program works.
    05-16-2009, 08:26 AM
Spirithorse is on the Money with Parelli. I didnt get very far until I figured out my 3 year olds horsenaliy. The other thing I had to learn was to get the first 3 games down fairly well before advancing. And tons of patients.
    05-16-2009, 04:36 PM
Right. The first 3 games are your Principle games. The others are your Purpose games, meaning that EVERYTHING you do with your horse comes from the first 3 are either being friendly with the horse, or using steady and rhythmic pressure to get the horse to do something. So if those games are not solid, nothing else will be solid. The yo-yo game didn't work because she didn't understand rhythmic pressure. Fix the driving game and the yo-yo game should work.
    05-17-2009, 11:34 AM
I have been working with the parelli program with my horses, the horsenality profiles have been very beneficial . I had a very right brain ex. Horse when I started who is more left brain ex. Now after learning what to do and interrupt his RB behavior , My other horse is Left Brain In. And is very hard to get motivated...He seems to enjoy playing with the ball and hiding treats seem to do the trick with him.
Alot of people have their doubts at my barn about "that parelli stuff" but the comments that I get from my farrier and vet about how my RB horses behavior has changed to a calmer thinking horses plus all the cool things that I can do with him now is amazing. After playing the seven games in L1 it really opens up your communication with your horses to do so much more with them and we enjoy our time togehter even more : )

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