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        01-11-2010, 11:25 AM
    Green Broke
    I am not a parelli person, but I am a (well, what they call it now adays) natural hrosemanship person. Don't put a time limit on it, you can't say: I am going to be bonded with my horse in two weeks!
    No, it really doesnt happen like that. I didnt use parelli, but my mare will follow me anywhere with or without a halter, my girl was scared of going though water, her 'safe spot' is when I take her halter off and put the bridless/halterless rope on, so I did just that, and wwe jsut walked right through the water, we can gallop through water now, and her just trusting me to get her through that one thing.....she will do anything for me the first tiem I ask.

    Just like what flitterbug said. Don't let that carrot stick leave your side. What I find useful is to let them loose in the arena (or round pen) and stand in the middle,with the thing they are scared of. 90% of the time they will eventually come to you, because if you do some groundwork before this with them then you are their 'safe spot' and they want to be near you. Im not sure if this will work with a horse that was beatin with it....... but maybe its worth a try?
    But remember, Parelli DOES NOT work wih every horse, and if you are stubborn o stay with parelli...then get a different horse. Because it might not work with your horse, parelli might be the most advertised, but he is definily not the most knowing. You can choose whatever training technique works, but it is important that you desensitize your horse to the whip, show him he can relax and its not a bad thing
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        01-11-2010, 03:52 PM
    Green Broke
    I would also tie the stick near his feed so he has to look at it to eat. Part of your problem may be the breed vs being beaten unless you know that for fact. Play the touching game. Lay the stick down and have a treat on it so he has to touch it to get the treat. I am so excited last night I took my filly with out a halter or lead and did the come and retreat, hindqtr and front qtr pivot, back and come forward, sidepass, and squeeze game with just a carrot stick.
        01-11-2010, 09:43 PM
    1. Do not get rid of the stick. It's not about the stick, it's about the relationship and trust.

    2. Let him be the one in charge of the time. He will 'let go' and trust you when he feels safe, and not before.

    3. Don't give up Parelli :) Just because something doesn't work right off the bat, doesn't mean you give up and move on to the next thing....we have to be dedicated and motivated and look at these "speed bumps" as learning opportunities. Embrace the challenge and be excited for what you are going to learn :) "Go out of your way to shake hands with opportunity." I also replied to your PM.
        01-11-2010, 11:42 PM
    It seems to me that the problem is your timeline not the Parelli crap. I bet that somewhere in your Parelli material it says to make sure that your horse is desensitized to all of your equipment. If it doesn't it should. You need to rub that horse all over with the stick. Start where the horse is comfortable and work at the edges of the sensitive area untill it gets smaller and smaller. Soon it will disappear then you can get on with the "games".
        01-12-2010, 11:40 PM
    Very well said Flitterbug. It's not about any particular technique you learn from Parelli or Clinton or Chris Cox, it's the philosophy that matters.

    Don't get rid of the stick.

    Try this, If you have a round pen do it there so you don't have the horse connected to a line, if not you can do it with a line also. But all you have to do is forget the "games" Parelli teaches and make it simple. Go in the round pen and turn you horse loose. Take you stick with string attached and just start tossing the string at him. Keep cutting him off and make him change directions. Don't worry whether he goes into the fence or not because you have a bigger issue to fix right now and that will fix itself during this process anyway if you do it the right way.

    OK so you going at the horse with the stick and string making light contact when close enough. While doing so your horse is fleeing from it. You should continue this until you horse decides that he is completely tired of working and doesn't really have any gas left. At this point you can spend lots of quality time with your horse and show him a large contrast from what happens when he leaves compared to what happens when he just stands there. The main reason this works is because your horse realizes that they are the ones causing themselves to do all that work and they begin to look for what they need to do to not have to work so much.

    Just remember to focus on the philosophy and not so much a certain technique.

    Sorry if this sounds too simplistic, but that's the way I explain things to my clients, in the simplest terms possible.
        01-13-2010, 11:17 AM
    I agree with Flitterbug too, but THIS is your underlying problem…

    Originally Posted by XxHunterJumperxX    
    I am not giving up Parelli, so don't even suggest it. Our relationship is terrible, and he only looks at me as a rider, and nothing more. I want to change that with parelli's system, but the weeks are ticking, and I have to be at atleast halfway through stage one before showing season, and two weeks of this insane behavior is driving me to my wits end.

    Please help!

    Thank you,

    you don't HAVE to be at any stage by a certain time.
        01-20-2010, 11:46 PM
    kevinshorses, The whole 'friendly' game is practically that.

    Your horse needs to know that it wasn't the stick or whip that hurt him, it was the person using it. Just keep with it, parelli is great and will help you big time. If I were you i'd start by putting the carrot sick on the ground, then walk him as near to it as you can get with out him getting worried or stopping. When you notice him getting that worried look on his face stop him (facing the stick), and rub him all over with your hand. Get him relaxed and comfy and walk forwards towards the c stick again.. and repeat. Repeat until your within touching distane of the c stick.

    Bend down and and slowly and calmly pick it up and hold it along your side then pat him with your hand all over again.. untill he's calm. Slowly transfure you rubbing him with you hand to both your hand and the stick.. no matter how much he moves follow him in a non threatning way rubbing gently, on the move until he stands still and then stop! Once he has stopped this is a HUGE WIN and stopping is the biggest reward you can give.

    Repeat this over a few weeks and you and him will slowly get there.

    Good luck and have fun with Parelli and the great program you have a head with it.

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