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Thoughts on this? Linda Parelli and the blind horse.

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        03-04-2014, 03:41 PM
    Disclaimer: did not read the comments.

    This video just about makes me colic.

    Everything about it is pathetic.
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        03-27-2014, 02:28 PM
    I haven't been able to understand this video either. I really think she was showing off. I understand the basic idea of what she is doing, but the horse doesn't know, and that is the important part. He isn't acting out he is just very confused.
    I like some of the Parelli techniques, but this is just sad to me. She should really know better than that. I will shake the rope at my stallion, if he is acting up, but I use a rope cowboy halter so there is nothing to hurt him, it just gets his attention back on me. He also understands me though, so he does what he should and we are back on track. If he didn't understand there would be no point.
        03-30-2014, 06:27 AM
    I think that Linda did the right thing in this video, at the beginning the horse wasn't given an answer but that was the student and not Linda. When Linda had the horse she was giving him an answer and she was getting very big and not giving an answer right away but it looked like the horse new better and already new how to back up with a wiggle (if he was just learning to back up then im sure Linda would have used her phases more also I'm sure she would have given the horse an answer right when he stepped back)
    I was looking at the results and the results I saw was a horse paying more attention to Linda then he was before and the horse was backing up better.
    Also I think some of you might be taking pity on the horse because he is a one- eyed horse (would you be reacting the same if he had both eyes?) and Linda was doing everything where the horse could see her also one-eyed horses can do the same as any other horse, they shouldn't be treated differently. (remember I said some of you, I don't want anyone to take this personally so just a reminder)
    One last thing, some of you said your horse can back up with their chest, nose, voice cues or hand movements but a horse should be able to back up with everything that includes nose, rope wiggling, chest, tail, hand movement, voice cues and anything else you can think of. The hand cues is the driving game and the other things are porcupine, I recently asked a trainer why we need to teach the porcupine game if a horse can already do the driving game perfectly and she had a really good explanation, Ill try my best to explain it to you guess but I forget what the wording of her explanation was (she is super good at explaining, saying and wording things but I am not) anyway she said something like - they are two different games so they are separate and all the games are important for a horse to know. You will need to rely on the porcupine game as much as you will rely on the driving game - sorry if that doesn't make sense I don't really know how to explain it I wish I remembered how the trainer explained it.
        03-30-2014, 08:09 AM
    She dose not understand timing at all. You release at the slightest try. As soon as he took 1 step back they should have released the pressure. Then ask for two steps and so on. He tried and she jumped all over him. It was a mess and this is the reason most real trainers laugh at them. She was punishing the horse, and he was responding to the punishment. Punishment decreases behavior, but it also increases avoidance and that horse was trying to avoid her. He was confused as he was not given release when he tried to find the answer, he was just being punished. So he went to avoidance by refusing to look at her and trying to find a way out of the situation (and not paying attention at that point because he was already looking for escape). This is not hard stuff, this is psychology 101! If she did something like that to my horse I think I may end up in jail for assault...
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        03-30-2014, 05:36 PM
    Nope, nothing to do with the horse having one eye IMO. Horses with one eye tend to cope just fine with most things IME.
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        04-06-2014, 02:36 PM
    What happened here was that Linda was out of her league with this horse, she let it go too far, THEN started the abuse because she had NO CLUE how to end it correctly and fix it. So let's beat on the horse awhile because it's HER fault she got in that position to begin with. Another example of lack of training skills and ego getting in the way in front of a camera. She's a joke.....
        04-06-2014, 03:24 PM
    Yes, linda was wrong in how she handled this horse. The horse was confused and didn't know what she was asking. When something isn't working, to keep doing the same thing over and over is called insane.
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        04-06-2014, 03:35 PM
    I bet she wishes this video would go away. Lolz
        04-06-2014, 03:45 PM
    ^LOL, I would if I were here. This is an example from a "do's and don'ts" clinic....and this is a HUGE don't.
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        04-06-2014, 07:37 PM
    "I bet she wishes this video would go away. Lolz"

    But then... why put it on an instructional video? I can understand making a mistake with horses, we all do, and I think this mistake was a biggie, but she and Pat must have felt it was okay, cause... there it is. Big as life and twice as ugly.
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