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What in the world is going on here?

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        04-06-2013, 11:23 AM
    Originally Posted by loosie    
    That just made me extremely angry & sad! That was just horrific! And I only read the first page comments, but surely I'm not the only one who REALLY feels like going there & kicking her in the head?? Well, I'm not actually one for confrontations, so maybe 'just' putting a halter - no, a cradle bridle - on her & 'teaching' her some tricks with her methods!! But seriously, how isn't that animal cruelty?? Was I the only one that watched that was barracking for the horse, willing it to fight back??

    I can understand the first guy, obviously a student that obviously has little clue & a bad instructor, I can understand people misinterpreting stuff, but if I'm not mistaken, that instructor is actually Linda Parelli??
    Yep, that is Linda herself. Doesn't surprise me though since, to me, she always seemed not too patient if things weren't going her way and frazzled. I do like Pat. Not to say any trainer can't have a bad day or a more difficult horse to work with. However, this example was not one that I would have considered so over the top that that she had to completely cloud the waters for the horse and the student. But, I'm not a trainer.

    I didn't realize the horse only had one eye too.
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        04-06-2013, 11:27 AM
    Confused horse. No release to the pressure.
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        04-06-2013, 01:28 PM
    As has been said, that was absolutely grotesque.

    But, beyond the actual handling of the horse, am I the only one who was twitching and wanting to reach through the screen and fix their halter?
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        04-06-2013, 01:35 PM
    Originally Posted by smrobs    
    As has been said, that was absolutely grotesque.

    But, beyond the actual handling of the horse, am I the only one who was twitching and wanting to reach through the screen and fix their halter?
    I wanted to smack her in the chin with the buckle.
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        04-06-2013, 10:42 PM
    Originally Posted by smrobs    
    As has been said, that was absolutely grotesque.

    But, beyond the actual handling of the horse, am I the only one who was twitching and wanting to reach through the screen and fix their halter?
    Yes, I wanted to reach through the screen & 'fix' it onto her neck as a choke collar and...
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        04-07-2013, 12:14 AM
    Originally Posted by Allison Finch    
    This is an old video that has had many discussions. Linda Parelli has a horse with only ONE eye who is, obviously overwhelmed. It is definitely not a good example of what she preaches.....
    Totally OT, but is that you in your avatar pic Allison? If it is, you are a beautiful rider. Love the leg position, not ahead of the horse, right with it. Just so pretty....

    Back on topic, I know many of my friends back their horses shaking the rope, they are Parelli followers. Chris Cox once made the comment that he does not like to teach horses to back like that because they learn to back up with their nose in the air. I see that as true with my friend's horses, they do back differently than my mare, who was taught differently.

    I taught mine to back up from the ground with nose/chest pressure and release, and now she just backs up with a verbal from me. But she tucks her nose neatly and rocks back on her hineys when she does it. I like a horse to back a little tucked up, it is what I expect when I am riding so she may as well do it right all the time. That is what works for us.
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        04-07-2013, 12:40 AM
    Originally Posted by Fargosgirl    
    This is NOT the complete clip! I have seen the whole video and this is being taken out of context. The goal was not to have the horse back up in this particular instance, the goal was to have the horse stand still, away from the owner, because it had been behaving very dangerously.

    This is about the middle of the session, the horse began by barging over it's owner nearly knocking him to the ground several times, this was about getting the horses attention. As for wiggling fingers at this horse, a phase one or two would have been completely ignored because the horse was overly excited by being in a new location with a bunch of strange horses. If the horse had been calm and paying attention lighter cues would have been used.

    I've worked at the racetrack and been a professional groom and travelled extensively with these animals......strange horses, strange places.....and I've had them go berserk and never had to use such a ridiculous rope waggling 'technique' EVER. Those are all excuses you have just written in your above quoted reply. A good horse handler can get a wired up racehorse down 2km of roadway past brass bands, crowds, screaming kids, vehicles etc and safely into the birdcage.......even managing to stop for the farrier check and safely out onto the course proper......you'd get absolutely nowhere waggling 20ft of rope at a horse like that.
        04-07-2013, 06:05 PM
    I haven't watched many the Parelli DVDs, just excerpts here and there, but as far as I understand, this is from the old Level 1 DVD set. Is this correct?

    Assuming the above is correct, does she do better now, years later? Is this how she performs consistently, or was it a rare occurrence?
        04-07-2013, 11:49 PM
    Originally Posted by equiniphile    
    She's trying to make the horse yield to pressure by backing up when the rope is swung around, but as she's giving no release when the horse does the right thing, he's ten shades of confused.
    Exactly what I thought. I noticed the same think. And when this isnt happening, you'll notice his attention starts drifting. He has no idea what the is supposed to do. They wave the rope, and he steps back ans they still do it. I noticed she became more aggressive with him when he wasnt getting it, but it was her fault. Try another method, Like pushing his head toward his chest and telling him to back, then when he takes a step, release.

    But now that it was mentioned. You can also watch and see him stepping back into the trainer and owner, when they are asking him to step back so they didnt let pressure up.
        04-08-2013, 01:18 AM
    Um... WHAT?!

    I...I don't understand. I don't udnerstand at all what is going on here. I mean I do, but I don't. I think I get what they were going for (attention, not going forward, backing up) but the execution of it...the execution of it made me want to execute Linda! Ok maybe no kill her, but more like....ban her from horses. I may not be a horse trainer, per se, but even I know you gotta REWARD your horse when he does it RIGHT.

    Yeah, I wanted to reach through the screen too, but I wanted to do a little more than fix his halter.....
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