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Trailers and Bridges and Puddles, oh my!

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        07-27-2014, 12:26 PM
    Build yourself a wooden bridge or a wooden platform and have him go over it. I'm guessing you haven't done any desensitizing? I did tarps, umbrellas, helium balloons tied on his paddock fence, wind chimes hanging on his stall, you name it. Also, never get into a situation where you know he may win. If you have someone who has a trailer and can leave it with you for a few days you can practice in and out. I would have someone with you that knows what they are doing.....but once you're in it, meaning the goal of getting in the trailer, you need to stick to it until you get it. Also practice the getting out, mine know the butt bar does not come down until they stand still and that they don't take a step back until I tug on their tails. I fed my youngster starting at 8 months in the horse trailer, that's the only place he got his grain. It was a reward getting into it, and still is as he gets hay and a small handful of grain before going anywhere. The bridge, for a variety of reasons, you had to abort and I get it, but the next time it will be harder. You need to practice this on something at home first.
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        07-27-2014, 01:28 PM
    Welcome to the forum Eister!

    It really sounds like Remy is being quite the handful for you!

    I would start doing a lot of groundwork and desensitizing him to all sorts of things. It could be that you are just moving too fast for him. Let him sniff and see these new objects and let him take his time to figure them out.

    I would personally, get a trainer (not the one who took 5hrs loading a horse) to help you along.

    Good luck! :)
        07-27-2014, 09:06 PM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by Eister    
    Hi everybody! My name is Madison and my first horse's name is Prince Remington "Remy". He's 2 and I've had him for about a month. I love him so much! He's so level headed and sweet and willing. I don't ride him yet so I've been taking him out on long walks and trails and hikes. :) But we have some issues with whenever he is asked to get in a trailer, or cross (or even confront!) a bridge or puddle, he starts rearing and pulling and hurting himself! :( Just last night I was trying to coax him across a small bridge over a few rocks in the forest. I pull gently and when there's no response I pull more and more until he steps forward, then I release pressure and praise. Repeat. When he gets real close or gets sick of it though, he starts pulling way back and sometimes rearing. :( Then he slipped back onto a rock and got a nasty little gash right above his back hoof. When I saw blood I felt so bad and starting comforting him and took him straight back to the farm, washed it, and put biodine on it. I'm determined to get him okay with these things and we will be going back to the bridge every day now. It's the same thing with trailers. To get him to the new farm we had to spend 5 hours getting him into the trailer and it was a very bad experience for him. I had professional horse trainers out there with me, too, and the poor boy kept bringing whips upon himself by striking and rearing away from the trailer. :( I felt so bad. I love this horse so much and I know we can get over these things together. I spend every evening with him after school/work (I'm in the AF training at DLI right now so hanging out with him is my therapy) and any advice to help him with this would be great!!! <3 Also, just so y'all know, I've tried coaxing with food, being most gentle at first, less force, more force, walks around and then re-approaching, whips, ropes, no whips, only soft pressure, nothing seems to make him less freaked out about these things!!! Thanks guys!!!

    Are you walking him like a dog???? Only reason I can figure a horse would "pull back" is if you are leading him.

    If so, quit it. That is going to drag this out and make it worse. And good chance when he pulls his tricks you are going to get hoof to the face. You are teaching the horse nothing, and comforting him and praising him does not good either.

    You need someone on ground that has good horse sense, and can work with you and this horse.

    And the more you do the lovey dovey deal with him, the worse you are going to make him.

    A perfectly trained, perfectly mannered show horse, one that has been hauled and hauled...can, in the hands of someone who is lovey dovey, turn into a complete idiot in space of days. And I am not exaggerating either, seen it happen.
        07-29-2014, 12:02 PM
    The horse doesn't know you're loving on him and fussing over him....he just knows he doesn't have to do what he refused to do! So guess what? He will keep on refusing! A two year old that's rearing and pulling back doesn't need walks on the trails. He needs lots of work on the ground and in a round pen. He needs to trust and respect you. Bonding, schmonding...This horse needs a good trainer. If you can't be one, find one. Otherwise, this is a recipe for disaster. I'm glad you love him but love won't turn him into a good minded, usable horse.
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