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always check your saddles where a creepy crawler can get to before you put on your horse !.. I hate spiders and ticks they creep me out. I smash the fingers of my gloves , each finger before i stick my hand in, so if there is a spider in there it gets squashed. I then shake them out. I shake out pads and brush them off , i check underneath the saddle around the stirrups and leathers etc, (western) before carrying it or putting it on the horse. I spray for bugs, I get bayer bug killer. Dont spray bridles or feed bins.. spray around the base of the shed.
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Jellyfish. Jellyfish and wasps. Mean, sour little blighters. Spiders are ok, but then there are no poisinous spiders in the UK

As for new horse ownership: Im scared Im not giving my horse the best start in life, and Im not a good enough trainer for her. Scared my niievity will hurt her somehow.

Im scared that Alli's owners will sell her without me knowing when she goes back to them (shes on loan) just because shes got spirit and isnt dead broke.

Im scared people judge me for how i look, ride, care for Alli etc. Well, its fine if they say it to my face, i can defend myself then. Its if they people pass their judgement on to others behind my back.

But most of all I fear the day when I have to give Alli back to her owners. Not because I don't think she'll be happy and safe there, but because I don't know if I'l have the strength to hand over the leadrope and walk away after 3 years, not knowing if she will remember me or even if i will ever see her again.

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1) I'm scared Grace will go lame, or that I will inadvertently hurt her in some way. That terrifies me!

2) I'm scared of cantering, and of falling off again.

3) I'm scared of the future.

Regarding the ticks, I've supplemented my dogs with garlic, and that seems to help a lot. I know of several horse owners who supplement with garlic powder and apple cider vinegar, and they don't have much trouble with ticks on their horses. As for yourself, nothing beats a good, full-body check before a hot shower. Don't forget behind the ears, under the shoulder blades, and the scalp. If you find one, take tweezers, grasp it as close to your skin as possible, and pull straight back. You should get a small piece of your skin out with the tick: that assures you that you've pulled its nasty little mouth out. Keep an eye on the area for a few days, and if a rash shows up, run to the doctor ASAP and get your blood tested for Lyme's and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. But, for as many ticks as my family members and I have had, only once has a rash shown up, and the blood tests came back fine. He went on antibiotics for a few weeks, and never had any signs of disease. As nasty as they are, you will most likely not catch disease from them, especially if you check yourself regularly.

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My biggest fear when it comes to horses is that I'll inadvertently ruin my horse somehow.

I'm also scared of the horse spooking, running away with me, or anything else that might cause me to fall off (some of the falls I've had have dented my confidence pretty badly), but this is slowly getting better as my seat improves and my confidence returns.

Maddog1991, good luck getting into vet school! That's what I'm hoping to do eventually, too :) I still have a few more years to worry about it, though, lol

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Hmmm. Well, I suppose saying I'm scared of...everything...is probably too broad, and would preclude me from being able to write my typical, horrifyingly, overly long post which I am so "known for" here on HF ("known for" being a euphemism for "despised" in this context!)

In fact, might as well begin here...I'm afraid that after one + years I'll be banned from HF FOR overwriting. Okay, back to the point.

I'm afraid of not having enough money/medical insurance and finding that my perfect & amazing horse (which I will someday be blessed enough to find and buy) will turn up with some lameness or disease which will cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to properly treat and I will be left homeless, with a semi lame and WORST FEAR OF ALL...horse in pain. This is prior to even owning the horse & THIS PARTICULAR fear keeps me up nights! (therapy much??)

Really, right now I'm terrified about having enough time and energy for my future horse even though I specifically CHANGED JOBS AND MEDICAL SPECIALTIES purely and simply in order TO finally buy my first horse at 39!

I'm worried that once I do choose said horse, he will have amazing training on him, & be much more advanced than I, which will take me all of 37 seconds to totally and completely undo with some manner of improper groundwork, riding, or basically just by walking up to him with the wrong "attitude". This, causing him to decide in the first 17 seconds that he, is the Alpha, not me (leaving me a mere 20 seconds to undo the complete and total remainder of his training)...

I am terrified of rocks in hooves, causing horrid stone bruises, thus pick out/look at hooves in an OCD- type fashion every time I ride.

I'm afraid of bumping my horse in the mouth inadvertently and never quite being forgiven for it...they have VERY LONG memories...(somewhere between forever and forever and a day, right? Haha).

I'm afraid that my saddle, which I no doubt will have fitted to the horse 9,000 times before I ever ride in it, will still somehow still not fit, and I will be responsible for causing immense pain, back and muscular issues for my horse from riding in said saddle. Due to this fear, I'll likely decide to only ride on a bareback pad at a walk and trot and never really progress in my skills, but will keep his back relatively safe!

Until, if course, he rolls weird one day in the turnout and winds up with horrible back/shoulder/musculature issues ANYWAY, no doubt!

I'm deathly afraid of trailering, and thank God as DH trailers for work regularly, I'll likely never have to do that myself . I cannot imagine having to trailer my OWN horse, yet, though will not be able to not own a trailer in case we'd have to go to a vet someplace far away. I don't intend to show, thus trailering to shows will st least not be an issue!

As far as riding, I have an obscenely MINIMAL AMOUNT of fear when in comes to me, or getting hurt myself, etc...it has happened, so perhaps it's that I no longer fear it, ,(not being unknown and all).
All in all, my fears, all kidding aside, revolve around my feeling that I'll never know enough to care properly for my horse...and that part of horsemanship is my strong suit! I read nonstop, would choose an amazing vet (& already have an incredible trainer, and a farrier whom I already know I'd use!), all three of whom I could and WOULD LOOK TO 24/7 when necessary, to help to guide my decisions regarding nutrition, care of hooves and teeth and all other aspects of the decision making which would, for the first time ever, be totally up to me.

Now, I just have to cope with my fear about choosing the wrong horse, & then the trigand my overall neurotic mentality, and we'll be "good to go"! Ah, hahaha! Poor future horse of mine! Could I POSSIBLY BE MORE NEUROTIC?

Best to all fellow neurotics and I wish us all luck with our future and current horse ownership endeavors!

"I'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener"
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Originally Posted by Paintlover1965 View Post
I once uncovered a nest of snakes when I was landscaping at home. They all hissed as I uncovered the rock they were nesting under. It flipped me out! I'd love to get rid of these little phobias!
Ack! That's not a phobia, that's common sense -- I'm not afraid of snakes but I would have jumped out of my skin!
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This is a great thread. We (my teen son and I) just adopted our first horse, Dakota. We leased him for a year and the barn owner asked if we wanted to take him because he had some health problems stemming from a mountain lion attack. (Yep, seriously.) We love him and believe he will heal completely so we have him now. I am also buying his next-door stall mate, a beautiful Peruvian mare. I'm afraid that I will ruin their training, that I will fall off, that I will have to put Dakota down after all, that I am just not GOOD enough.
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Now that the mare I'm leasing is mine, I'm absolutely 100% responsible for her actions towards other horses as well as people.
There's a girl who takes lessons at my barn, and she is really hard to deal with. The other day she took a 4 year old and an 8 year old into a field with our two Percherons and let them walk around!
I'm worried about Children, or unknowing people getting hurt by her. Now, by no means is she an aggressive horse, but hey. Anything can happen.

How I can try to prevent that is to tell her I don't want her taking children into her field, or going around her when I'm not there.

I'm very self-conscious of my weight so I always worry about hurting her legs or her back.

I'm working on this right now, strengthening exercises for her and I've already lost 9 pounds!

Another fear for her actions being my responsibility, is her injuring another horse. Not only would I have to pay for the vet bill, but I would feel horrible. Right now there's only 1 mare in her field, and they do okay. My mare is okay with most horses, but she gets really aggressive with other mares.

I can talk to the BO about it, she knows this horse and her fields are well put together, so I'm not too worried, but again.. Anything can happen.

I didn't train my mare, but I put SO much work into her. I always like to throw in little things to teach her or myself, but I'm so worried I'll do something wrong and that I'll mess up her training and have to start all over.

The way I can fix this is with lessons, but I'm broke!
The way I can fix that, with a job! hahah

I live to ride and I ride to live
Horses are just angels without wings
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Sometimes I wonder if I'm actually afraid, or if I'm just obsessing and over-analyzing (like right now). I always think, I don't know what I know and what I don't know. Do I really know how to do something, or do I just think I do because I read it in a book, etc. I psych myself out. Also, when I had my son, this insane self-preservation mode kicked in and now I'm much more jumpy and anxious than I ever used to me. It's frustrating since I've never really had an experience that wholly shook my confidence, but I guess it's the natural maternal way of making sure you're around for your kiddos...!
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I am not actually a new horse owner myself, but one of my daughters neighbors just got her kids a horse, and I'm around her a lot. When they first got her, she was wormy and very underweight. They wormed her, and have put about 250 lbs. on her. When they first brought her home, she was very docile and laid back, now she is getting very stubborn with horrible ground manners, stepping all over people and such. She stepped hard on my foot, and bruised it, so now I'm afraid to even be around her, she is a huge horse, with obviously no respect, and I am disabled, and probably should not even be around her.

As far as spiders, they terrify me as well, once when I was much younger, I had one of those huge banana spiders crawl into my horses ear while I was riding her. She ran away with me, and then threw me, but the thought of the spider was far worse than being ran away with or thrown off.
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