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Balancing work with dogs...

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    06-08-2012, 02:31 PM
Balancing work with dogs...

I have been thinking about getting an Italian greyhound for a companion. I have raised Iggys before and I have experience with the breed. Right now I am living in an apartment by myself, and I am looking for a companion to walk around LA with me, take to doggy training courses for agility, and snuggle with me at night.

Right now I am working 8 hour days, Monday thru Thursday. How long is too long to be away from your dog at home? Would you keep a dog in a large crate for this period of time? The thing I love about Iggys is that they have two speeds 0 and 35mph, hehe. My last Iggy slept most of the day in bed until he was ready to go out and play.

What is the longest you would leave a dog at home for during the work week?
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    06-08-2012, 02:37 PM
When I crated my dogs, I could leave them for 6-10 hours at a time and not have any accidents. Obviously 8/9 week old puppies are going to have a more difficult time, but after 10 weeks old, I did not have any potty issues.

I put lots of safe toys in with them, I don't think they played with them much. My dogs were crated until they were about 1-1/2 years old. I can now leave them out and there are no issues. We have a doggie door that leads to a fenced in area that they can go outside and go potty if they have to.

Maybe you should look into a Iggy rescue that'll have an older (2-3 year old) that is looking for a human companion. That way you don't have to deal with the puppy issues and hopefully, the older dog would be potty broke and just ready to relax when your not home.

What about a regular greyhound? Maybe a smaller female? They are super calm, great, lazy dogs that prefer to sleep on the couch. But they too are 0-35mph. No inbetween...

There is nothing wrong with crating a dog. It's actually safer then to leave them out to get into trouble. As long as they have appropriate exercise when you are there.

I never left food/water in the crate. Was sure to wake up 1/2 hour earlier to feed and then take them out to potty before crating them to minimize accidents.
    06-08-2012, 02:56 PM
Sounds good. We've crated before, but not for a full day. I was usually home a lot back then. And after a year or so the Iggy would just sleep on the bed until we got back.

Right now I'm looking at a 14 week old puppy, which makes me a little nervous. I want to train him be litter/pad potty trained as well, but I know how much of a handful these little guys can be. I was looking at the Iggy adoption site, but the process seems a bit daunting. They have very few non-special needs dogs, a long interview process, and a large adoption fee. I am also very particular about the health history of my animal. I like to buy from reputable breeders who breed out genetic disorders and other dog illnesses so I don't have vet problems down the road.

I would love to get a normal greyhound, but the issue is that my apartment manager specifies dogs under 25 pounds.

:) Thanks for your suggestions.
    06-08-2012, 03:01 PM
Well, a 14 week old puppy has the bladder capacity to hold it 8 hours or more. It's just the training that will be needed.

Stay consistent with your training and you should do good.

I had a litter of Lab puppies (only 4 this past time). With this litter, with it being smaller (we lost 3)...I decided to work on potty training while they were still here. In the whelping pen, I put down wee-pads in the corner of their pen and they naturally starting going on them at 5 weeks old. There's an attractant in there that'll encourage them to use that area. Some didn't quite make it on the pad at that age, but they were in the area.

By the time they left, they were going in one spot and it made clean up a breeze. With the pads, it's very easy to train. You can even litter train your puppy too...

I would start out with the pan, and put the wee pad in it. Don't add the dog litter yet, just get puppy to potty on the pad, inside the box first. Then gradually add litter in ontop of the wee-pad, and then eventually add more and more litter, then take the pad away. Works like a charm!

With a dog that small too, you could always get a larger pen, and place the litter box in the cage, incase he/she has to go, it's right there. Or maybe a little "round pen/play pen" area if you don't want to use a crate.
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    06-08-2012, 03:05 PM
Great advice! :) I love learning all I can about training. I also would love to go to a puppy kindergarten class.
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