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        06-23-2014, 02:35 PM

    Recently I've been having some concerns over my pet cockatiel Misty. She is seven years old and sadly I haven't been able to see her much over the last year as she has been staying with my parents while I'm at college (the dorms won't allow pets and she's a bit too noisy to sneak in ). I noticed back in May that she was starting to look quite pudgy. My parents didn't agree but as I was already taking her into the vet for a wellness check and feather/nail trim I decided to get the vet's opinion. He declared that she was indeed overweight and gave me some suggestions for changing her feed. I implemented them then returned to college as I was working on campus over the summer. My parents have struggled a bit with what the new feed is. However, my main concern is that she appears to be drinking a lot more than normal. While I can't say I've been seeing her at the water dish a lot when I'm home the water level has decreased and my parents have commented on how wet the paper at the bottom of the cage is (it is replaced everyday). The wet areas are under her corner perch not the water dish so I don't think she's bathing in the water and decreasing it that way. She is now slightly more dry but the increased urination seems to come and go slightly. It is not at all warm in the house and she is not in direct sunlight. Since she is already overweight, I'm concerned from my reading that she might be showing early signs of diabetes. On the other hand, my parents think it is just stress because I'm home over the weekend and not the week and she is upset by this. I'd appreciate any thoughts. I'd like to take her to the vet but was considering testing her urine first with one of the urine dipsticks. However, those seem to only come in large packs which would be a waste to purchase. Should I see if the vet might have some and be willing to give me one or am I just overreacting? Thanks!
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        06-24-2014, 04:39 PM
    My 18+ year old cockatiel developed similar symptoms after laying her last clutch of infertile eggs awhile back. A friend told me to up the calcium and vitamin A in her diet, along with providing bird specific Florissant lighting. It seems to be helping her.

    What is your tiel's diet? Pellets? Seed? What sort of exercise opportunities does she get? Cage size?

    Since you are fortunate enough to have an avian vet nearby, it might be worth a call or trip to see what they think.
        06-25-2014, 12:30 PM
    Thanks for the response Rialto. She's had quite a few problems with chronic egg laying so we make sure to provide her with lots of calcium. She gets a multi vitamin supplement in her water and an oyster shell mix over her food as well as a cuttlebone. Since I'm not home she isn't getting much exercise though she apparently flew around the house the other day- impressive for a cockatiel with clipped wings! She gets about 75% pellets and 25% seeds though now she gets a bit more pellets due to her weight issue. We've tried to feed her fruits and veggies with very little success. My parents have informed me that she didn't drink as much water yesterday and seems fine. Maybe I was just being a crazy Momma!
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