kitten may have a broken foot.. help!

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kitten may have a broken foot.. help!

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    01-23-2012, 07:31 AM
kitten may have a broken foot.. help!

Okay so yesterday (my birthday) was just a completely jinxed day with horses acting crazy, trying to kick me, etc, then my dad chose not to go to my bday dinner for various reasons... And while we were gone our (about) 7 week old kitten, Oliver, snuck out the garage door behind him and he accidently stepped on him. Along with my dad possibly having a broken bone in his foot because of the way he moved trying to get off of him, Oliver is hurt. He will put light pressure on his back right foot, but not much. If you touch the lower part of his leg he will growl and try to attack your hand, as well as if you touch what's basically the base of his tail.

Has anyone ever dealt with something similar to this before?

He's doing better today than he was last night, where last night if you touched him anywhere he'd growl and he's putting slightly more weight on his foot. So because of this, my mom told me not to take him to the vet yet and see how he is the rest of the day and possibly tomorrow.

Any advice on ways to help keep him comfortable or anything we can give him for pain would be great. Please don't tell me he needs a vet, I know, but my parents pay the bills.. He will be seen by the end of the week for sure if his foot isn't healed.
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    01-23-2012, 07:52 AM
To deny this poor kitten medical attention is simply cruel and inhumane. He is obviously in great pain. Take him to the vet Now.. or shame on your family!
    01-23-2012, 07:54 AM
Exactly what I'm telling my parents, but they're stubborn and think that since he's doing a little better that he'll be fine. I already have over $100 due for the bill for my horse so I don't have much extra spending money. Is there anything I can do for right now? If he's not walking on it by lunchtime I'll take him myself and try to figure out something..
    01-23-2012, 08:04 AM
I had a kitten once that got hurt, didnt know how. Found him curled up in his basket , purring, but he wouldnt come out.
While we all know purring can mean contentment, I found (from the vet) that it can also occur if the cat is in shock. So if your kitten is laying there purring now, don't assume he is happy.
Look at his gums. If they are white, he is in shock, and needs treatment asap. They should be pink, normally.
When I took my kitten to the vet, they gave me a weeks worth of liquid pain meds, which helped a bit. Unfortunately, when the meds were done, kitty was in great pain again, crying, growling, etc. We had to put her down. :(
Try to keep your kitten still, try to get her to drink fluids. I don't think there is too much else you can do at home. Implore your parents to do what is right for this kitten. Best of luck!
    01-23-2012, 09:43 AM
He's still attacking the blanket he's laying on and was attacking my hair like he normally does. He can walk on it, but just limps. He hasn't purred at all till just now when I started rubbing his head and scratching his ears. The vet tech I talked to a few mins ago suggested just keeping an eye on him for right now and if he doesn't get better soon than to bring him in. I'll probably decide to take him this afternoon to at least have an exam done, which is $50, if he isn't walking more comfortably or moving around at all. We are making sure he's staying hydrated, he has water/food and a litter box right next to him so he doesn't have to go far. Will go check his gums right now since he's awake.
    01-23-2012, 10:15 AM
His gums are pink and he's getting more lively, even chasing his own tail. He has a thing for jumping on my keyboard while I type and he keeps trying to do that as well as rolling over playing with the blanket. He seems to be feeling better, although he is still tender at his foot and the base of his tail.

Would he even be weight-bearing if it was broken? He's slowly putting more weight on it, but is limping. I think his tail might be sore from my dad stepping on it and him trying to run out from under, and possibly straining/spraining it in the process? Is this possible?
    01-24-2012, 08:09 AM
In the process of trying to get up videos of his progress. Today he is walking much better, though still with a slight limp, and is so much more lively and is back to his normal self, attacking EVERYTHING in sight. Still growls if you touch him wrong, but now you're able to hold him and him not be uncomfortable and growl.

Like I'd asked before, is there anything I can do for pain? He isn't laying around sulking anymore, but I'm sure he's still in a little pain from the way he growls when you put too much pressure on certain spots.

Now my dad on the other hand, has a giant bruise on the side of his foot and a bump on the side, which is probably a bone sticking out.. He was stepping down when he stepped on Oliver, so it was awkward when I tried to move off of him. Hope he doesn't have something broken...
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