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Mya & Mouse - Siamese Cat Pregnancy Thread

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    04-10-2012, 10:34 AM
Mya & Mouse - Siamese Cat Pregnancy Thread

Hello everyone,

My two Siamese cats were bred; they are mother and daughter. Mya is a seal point Siamese turning 5 years old on May 30th and Mouse is a chocolate point Siamese that will turn 2 years old on April 19th. Mya is due on April 28th and Mouse is due on May 31st. Took Mya in for an ultrasound last week and there are 4 babies in there! I give all my kittens temporary names (owners encouraged to change them if they want) based on a theme. Mya's litter will have the theme "Greek Gods and Goddesses" and Mouse's litter will be "famous mice" (because of her name). I will choose from these names:

Mya Kittens: Boys: Hermes, Zeus, Ares, & Apollo
Girls: Selene, Lina, Athena, & Iris

Mouse Kittens: Boys: Despereaux, Fievel, Gus, Tuffy, Mighty, & Jerry
Girls: Tanya, Trixie, Minnie, Maisy, Pearl, & Bianca
I will eliminate some of Mouse's kitten names once she goes in for her ultrasound and I know how many we are expecting.

Mouse had a litter due 2/12/12. Unfortunately, she lost her two babies after giving birth to them on 2/14/12. The kittens were just too large and according to the vet it is most likely because it was Mouse's first litter. First little one was a boy, who we named Romeo, came out still. After rushing to the vet's after this (I rushed to 3 different vets because no one was open at the time), Mouse gave birth to the second kitten, Juliet, who was also not alive upon being born. It was a stressful day. I had called 5 different vets because I had been thinking Mouse was having trouble but they were not concerned and told me to wait it out (never again will I go against my instinct). I call this the litter of 2 due 2/12/12 that was born 2 days too late....2 years to the day that their mother was conceived (Mya was bred to Mouse's father on 2/14/10). The vet gave us the OK to try again right away, so Mouse is now pregnant with her second litter and hopefully will have more luck with this one. If something happens with this litter, she will be spayed.

All of my kittens are "sold" (I like the word adopted better) under very strict conditions that potential owners must agree to which include spaying/neutering upon acceptable age, keeping the cat up to date on all shots, keeping the cat indoors unless supervised outdoors, no declawing, & if the cat ever needs to be re-homed that he/she be returned to me. I am well aware of the cat overpopulation and I will NOT see my babies end up in shelters. In order to do my part to help reduce numbers in shelters, I also offer half off the price of a kitten if the owners also adopt a cat/kitten from an animal shelter (I lose money because of this but the cause is great).

Anyway, I will be posting lots of pictures (I have tons!). I will post here or you can go to my website: M.I.A Siamese | Facebook

This is the father of both of my girls' kittens, Shade & on the right is my girl, Mouse

This is Mya (front) and Mouse (back)
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    04-10-2012, 10:48 AM
Awe! Cute.

I agree to never go against your gut. Our last litter of puppies I knew something was wrong. Called the vet and she wasnt all that concerned. It was our females 2nd litter. Well, we ended up losing 3. It was horrible. The vet came out at midnight and witnessed first hand one of the pups being stillborn. She quickly ate her words and said it was a good thing she came out.

It aas horrible so I feel your pain.

Good luck with their pregnancies and sending strong labor vibes for when they are needed!
    04-10-2012, 11:06 AM
Yes, it was horrible! I was very angry that morning and probably said some things to the vet that I shouldn't have LOL. I called and told them that they could take Mouse out of their computer because she was no longer a patient with them. Although, it wasn't just because of this incident. My dad had a cat who got very sick and he took her there - they told him that it may be "time for her to cross over" after doing no tests to figure out the problem (she's only 4!). My dad ended up going somewhere else and Jenny is doing great now. First vet I went to that morning was very rude to me, they told me that the vet might not be able to see me for a couple of hours. I told her "my cat is stuck in labor with a kitten lodged, if that's not an emergency I don't know what is." lol. Thankfully, I finally got to an office that was EXCELLENT with Mouse & I will be going back there with her from now on. A lot of vets are really anti-breeding around here which is why I think the quality of care is diminished. I think this is horrible because I do this the right way unlike some people who never spay/neuter their animals and let them run free, mating with anything that comes along. Thanks for the good vibes, my girls will surely appreciate it!

This is Mouse's litter (Mouse is on far right). She was 1 of 4 little girls :)

    04-10-2012, 11:13 AM
I think alot of vets probably don't value a cats life like they do a dogs. That's so sad to say but from what I've seen, it tends to be true. The vet didnt think your cat having difficulties in labor was a problem but if a dog came in like that? Immediate c section.
    05-03-2012, 02:09 PM
Mya had her kittens on April 27th and April 28th.

"Hermes," the runt of the litter, was born first. 10:30pm 4/27
"Iris," the first female, was born second. 11:16pm 4/27
"Athena," the second female and largest of the litter, was born third. 12:25 4/28
"Zeus," was the last one born. 12:49am 4/28





    05-03-2012, 02:43 PM
Oh my, how cute! Congrats! I wish I could have an inside cat but my darn hubby is allergic. Can't wait to see updated pics!
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