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Small pets worth less?

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        08-02-2009, 10:02 PM
    Originally Posted by Whipple    
    Should more care be put in breeding a dog compared to a rabbit compared to a horse compared to a budgie?
    I think anytime someone is going to put an intact male in with an intact female to produce babies, care should be taken. Some people may think a dog is more valuable to a rabbit, and vice versa. Same thing with a horse and budgie.

    Anytime you breed and know you are not going to keep the baby, you have to know what the heck you're doing.
    If you breed, know the signs that the female is in distress. Know the signs of labor. Know what to do to help her out and when to go to the vet. Know what to do if a baby isn't breathing. Have all the supplies on hand for any possible senario (depending on the animal being bred, a vet may need to be called to do certain procedures)

    I have bred before. It was an accidental breeding. My parents had bunnies. We had a male black and white (I believe they are called Dutch Rabbits) and a female. Oreo (the male) and Cookie (the female) came from breeders who bred not only for show, but for breeding quality. We purchased them not to be a baby factory, but for pets. We were told Oreo was unable to breed because he had a split penis. Since we had no plans on breeding, it didn't matter.
    One day though, my mom was just talking about baby bunnies so me (at the time I was.. 9 or so) didn't think my actions all the way through (what 9 year old does?) and thought it would be so cool to have baby bunnies running around. So when I had to go out and feed the rabbits, I decided Cookie should visit Oreo for a second. Oreo jumped on her head, I got scared, and put Cookie back in her cage.

    However long rabbit gestiation is later, my mom goes out to take care of the bunnies and see's blood in Cookie's cage. She was in her house and when my mom looked in boy was she surprised!

    We put ads in the paper and took them to school and to camp to sell them.
    Never again have I attempted to breed any animal. I saw the consequences of my actions.

    Shelter dogs are awesome dogs. My parents have 2, though technically only 1 came from a shelter (the other, his mom was a shelter dog when he was in utero).
    When my husband and I were looking into getting a dog, we were looking at both shelter dogs and breeder dogs. We wanted a German Shepherd and we didn't settle until we got that. Does that make us a bad person because we passed over shelter dogs and got one from a breeder? Not to me. Maybe to you, but not to me. The next dog though, we both decided to adopt a shelter dog.

    Lost my train of thought.. will have to end there...
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        08-02-2009, 11:01 PM
    Green Broke
    Wow Darylann. You make sense. You kinda make the point I have been poking at, Thank You :):).
        08-19-2009, 03:16 PM
    All breeding needs thought, most of all; re there any owners-to-be for these babies? Other than that, I can let peple get away with healthy parent+healthy parent (healthy includes a good mind) and don't care much.

    On horses tho, we need to remember that not only do they cost more to keep and all, but they need to manage much more physical stress and work. So finding really good parents when you breed a horse is more important than on, lets say, a ferret. Because the feret won't work like a horse so it doesn't need to handle extra stress. Bad conformation isn't as harmful for the ferret as for the horse.

    But most important is always; will the babies get good homes or will they be unwanted.
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