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Third Dog - dog or bitch? Your advice please

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        02-08-2013, 11:52 PM
    I'd get a dog. When my I'm at my dad's, we've got two of each and after the first five minutes it's only the girls who will give each other trouble, they've all known each other for years. For over six weeks, the girls would try something every few days. Nothing that a quick NO while they were still in the planning phase didn't stop, but still annoying. The boys had a rough intro, but settled down and were done with it.

    Personality makes a big difference, so not saying I'd refuse a female if it was otherwise a good match, but I'd be thinking male going in.
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        02-09-2013, 12:31 AM
    I run a social boarding kennel and often toss up to 8 different dogs together without issue. I do an interview of the newcomer beforehand to be sure they'll take their cue from me. Essentially, I establish immediately that rank between them matters not, because I am Queen and will not tolerate dissention;o). That said, I do allow individuals to identify and communicate personal boundaries. They can do that far faster and more effectively than I ever could. I only interject when someone does not pay attention.

    All sizes, breeds and genders mix well IF their energy compliments each others'. Unaltered canines ae the only true game changer and it's usually the females, if they mean to or not... Their scent drives everyone crazy, including myself! That kind of refereeing is hard work!

    Sounds like you have a laid back goof ball and an energetic and slightly insecure miss. I would likely shoot for another submissive, meduim-energy boy or a confident but polite (low energy) girl. Jmo. Good luck!
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        02-09-2013, 12:46 AM
    Originally Posted by hemms    
    Sounds like you have a laid back goof ball and an energetic and slightly insecure miss. I would likely shoot for another submissive, meduim-energy boy or a confident but polite (low energy) girl. Jmo. Good luck!
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    Almost spot on :)

    The GSD x Collie is only laid back if he know's what to do At All Times! I am looking to settle on a male lap dog - I've never had a lap dog and I want a permanent cuddler . Only thing that I think will be a real challenge is that Chica's prey drive (she's the greyhound x) is pretty strong and she's going to want to chase a new little one for breakfast, dinner and tea. Hmmmm
        02-09-2013, 01:09 AM
    Shih Tzus and crosses thereof are typically hardy and laid-back... Terriers are a little more intense, likely to challenge her, but also likely to win her over. Something dainty and skittish like a maltese or toy poodle won't do - frail and too closely resembling rabbits with their nervous movement. You need a bold but cheerful lap buddy. Have one I rescued myself and he's a good little ambassador for our kennel.

    I like to look into rescues with foster homes as you get a better idea of the dogs' true person in a home environment, even though it's still in transition (it can take up to 3 months for a dog to truly settle). Shelters are hectic and stressful... Difficult for a dog to come down from that for such a short visit.
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        02-09-2013, 09:23 AM
    You speak words of wisdom Hemms.

    We briefly fostered a little terrier a few years ago and she was sturdy enough to 'not be a rabbit' in Chica's mind.

    I currently have my eye on (get this cross) a Lhasa Apso - Bichon Frize x Afghan Hound. The hound was the dad, the mum was a LA BF cross. It was obviously an accidental breeding and the four six-month pups are in a foster home at the moment. I need to ask some more questions of the foster mum before I drive an hour there.

    Apparently one of the four is timid and skittish (and looks it in the photos too), but the other three are fine. I'll ask a bit more about their nature and discuss Chica with her. She's done a lot of fostering so will get the point of the questions.
        02-09-2013, 11:45 AM
    Originally Posted by WSArabians    
    I have a spayed Pittbull and two male Chihauhau's. They hump her legs all the time. Good thing she is patient with them.

    Personally? I find it the dogs (male or female) personaility and training - not just the new one, but of all three. Any dogs can get along with any other dog, it's just a matter of doing it right.

    There are various generalizations, as in any sort of animal... but it does depend on the particular dog and their temperament. I know that both my dogs get along just fine with either genders (I have a older male Cocker Spaniel and a younger purebred Papillon female) but Moses, the spaniel, does get nervous around other male dogs. That was one factor in getting a female, but it also went back to personal preference for me.

    Also, if you're adopting from a shelter, see if you can bring your current dogs to meet the potential new dog.
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