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Tricktraining with OTHER animals

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        09-06-2013, 03:49 PM
    Tricktraining with OTHER animals

    There's a thread about tricktraining with horses, but I thought, that can be done with other animals too!

    So, who's doing tricktraining with an other animal?

    I once thought a guinea pig to turn and to 'rear' haha.
    Now we have a puppy, Benji, he's 11 weeks old and learns very good.
    We keep our sessions short, only a few minutes, and only if he's up for it.
    He can already do the things almost every dog can do: sit, lay down and stay
    And other things:
    'rear' (lol don't know how to call it),
    Paw or box (how do you say this in english, with your fist like a greet or something :') )
    And a liiiiitle bit 'go back', but he doesn't fully understand it yet.

    So let me hear about your pets!
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        09-06-2013, 03:58 PM
    My dogs don't do tricks (yet), but they do know several commands that aren't what I'd consider "run of the mill."

    "Back"-Back up away from me or whatever I don't want them near.
    "Truck"-Get in the truck or other vehicle
    "Leave it"-Leave whatever I don't want them touching (my older dog is better about this one than the 10-month-old is, but only because she gets a little obsessive lol)

    My mom's six-year-old malti-poo knows a lot of tricks. She can sit, lay down, sit up, give high five, roll over, dance, sing, whisper, pray, and play dead (she lays down and roll onto her side with her paws in the air when you point your fingers at her in a parody of a gun and say "bang").
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        09-06-2013, 07:34 PM
    Oh goodness, I teach my dogs tons of tricks!
    My 2yr old Boxer knows: sit,down,bang,rollover,count,jump,high five,paw,Spanish walk,rear,bow, stay, leave it, crawl,dance,spin,backup,weave (inbetween my legs), she's learning to Piaffe, and she whimpers when she needs to potty :).
    My 11wk Jack Russell knows, sit,stay,dance, and back up.
        09-06-2013, 08:41 PM
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    My cat comes to his name, knows "Lookit!" for calling his attention to something of interest, "Go get it!" for getting him excited about attacking a toy/icky bug/spider, "up" for standing on his hind legs, "lay down", "sit", and he's learning "roll over".

    My wether [fixed male goat] knows his name, knows "come!", knows "OUT" for getting out of wherever he is before he gets in trouble , "back up" for backing up [variation on "out" - "out" is basically "leave the area" while "back up" is "back straight backwards until I say], and he's learning to wave "bye-bye" - still perfecting that one though, I'm hoping to get him eventually waving his hoof around in the air.

    Here's a video of Atticus doing "back up" and some "bye-bye" [this was literally his 4th time trying "bye-bye" so he was still figuring out what I wanted exactly - he's greatly improved now...I should take another video! Haha]

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        09-07-2013, 04:41 AM
    Piaffe?? I want a video of that!!

    Oh my puppy doesn't take a treat if I put it in front of him, until I say he can take it

    I LOVE the goat!! Bye bye aaahwwww!
        09-07-2013, 05:20 PM
    Getting my pea-brained Chihuahua to sit and stay was a real trick. She could not grasp clicker training one iota. She had to have her rump pressed on until she sat and was rewarded with a belly rub.
        09-08-2013, 01:27 AM
    Green Broke

    Cute stories. I'd like to see vids.
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