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Bussing in students from adjoining city

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        09-28-2012, 10:28 AM
    Bussing in students from adjoining city

    Theres a little situation going on in the county where I live, and I am wanting to see what everyones opinion is.

    Our citys schools are the highest in the county with test scores and graduation rates. This town is 99.9% caucasion community.

    The adjoining city has the lowest test scores and graduation rate, and they have lots of crime and violence in the school system. These schools, the causcasions are the minoroty, and are constantly picked on and harrased. It is just one of those towns.

    The state has said that if we do not get more minoritys in our school system, then they will cut funding.

    The county wants to bus the kids from the adjoining city to our school to equalize test scores.

    Me personally, I am not racist in any way, so don't take me wrong, but I see no excuse for bussing in kids who don't act right no matter what the color of thier skin, to help equalize test scores. To me this is saying that they are going to bring kids who are not as advanced in learning to our school, to lower the scores to match the adjoining city so they don't look so bad. Am I wrong in percieving it like this?

    As far as the community, if you want your child to go to school here, move here. Theres no sign that says only white people can live here. Be a part of the community and contribute. Don't expect your child to get a free handie because of the color of thier skin. I can garuntee if I wanted my child to go to school there they would not send a bus to my house to pick her up and take her.

    Sorry this just chaps my ass.
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        09-28-2012, 10:49 AM
    Green Broke
    Feds been doing that since the 70's. With results just like you say, It dumbs down the good school, but that's what happens when you give the federal governemnt the right to tax and then divy those taxes back to you with strings attached.
    Even if your city says the heck with federal and state dollars we will fund our own schools, you still get to pay the taxes to fund the others.
    But just wait until phase two of the plan comes along and parts of your kids get bussed to the bad area to even out numbers. If you are bussing kids in, there will have to be kids bussed out.
        09-28-2012, 10:51 AM
    That's just insane. I think I would rather pay a little more taxes to the city than to have my child's school dumbed down as you call it. Absolutly absurd.
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        09-28-2012, 05:30 PM
    I don't agree with busing... just how it is :)
        09-28-2012, 09:14 PM
    Super Moderator

    Busing is wrong, IMO

    You pay local Taxes for local Schools.

    Then a lot of times the kids ride around in a bus and extra hour or more each way, that is costly and keeps kids is possible dangers by traveling extra time in traffic.

        09-29-2012, 02:55 AM
    You are so not out of line.
    First off I'd be VERY concerned about them bringing in underperforming students. That is where all the resources and time is going to go, getting them caught up. The average students are the ones that are going to suffer.

    Then, don't feel bad about disagreeing because of the environment. Total BS.
    Down where we used to live there is a Job Corps where they take in mostly minorities from rough neighborhoods, troubled teens, ones that couldn't get into college and give them a free education, housing, medical, etc. They teach them trades like welding, maintenance, large equipment mechanics and operation, dirt moving whatever, it's a really nice program.
    So they had a bunch of worthless instructors and the head guy was almost non-existent. The kids ran wild. They broke into the cabin/RV and stole while we were building the cabin. They shot the cows and horses with BB Guns that they stole from us, vandalized, cut fence and let the livestock wander loose, were always trying to "escape" and would hide out in our out buildings, and even set fire to some of our hay and a historic home on the property that we were going to renno. FINALLY they got a guy in there who practically militarized the operation and the kids are REALLY benefitting. They all go out with jobs, we use them for events now because we can trust them, they NEVER cause any problems, and are the most polite kids in town!

    Why on earth don't they FIX the problem instead of just spreading it around!! Hang in there!
        09-29-2012, 07:14 AM
    Green Broke
    Here's one for you, in Louisiana my tax dollars are now paying for PRIVATE school tuition scholarships for those who apply and are qualified. I am a school secretary and deal with these things day after day. We don't bus, it was shot down here a few years ago.
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        09-29-2012, 01:10 PM
    I come at this from a completely different perspective. As a foster parent, it's me who is bringing troubled teens into my school district.

    It usually takes a bit of time for them to settle down, but then the kids do a lot better. Both of my current kids got into a lot of trouble at their former schools, but no longer do at my school. It's good for them to be around better influences.

    Just because kids are coming from underprivileged areas doesn't mean that the education will be dumbed down. There are lots of smart kids who live in crapped areas.
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