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Circumcision, and why people can't just respect your descision.

This is a discussion on Circumcision, and why people can't just respect your descision. within the Parenting forums, part of the Life Beyond Horses category
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    10-18-2012, 07:10 PM
My son IS, and he is a total mama's boy, so I think it's safe to say no harm done.
My biggest issue with NOT having it done, is that boys are dirty and don't care to be clean, typically at a young age. From my understanding, not being circumcised requires more care to the area to stay fresh and clean. My son hates to be touched more than necessary, when the job requires an extra wipey or two, he's still in diapers. I couldn't imagine trying to hold him down to keep that business clean everyday. JMO.

Other than religious reasons, I don't get not having it done at all.
My best friend opted to not circumcise her son, for the sole reason that her husband was not. I voiced my opinion because she asked for it, that I thought she would regret it later, because of the cleanliness issue. IMO, she was making more work for herself and him.
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    10-18-2012, 07:16 PM
As someone who works in a hospital who has in the past 3 weeks known of not 1 but 2 adults that had to be circumcised because they were getting infections from the foreskin growing over the tip... I can't say I would be against doing it as a baby. Also, I have witnessed many babies being done and given the choice, doing it early is much much better. That is not to say that all non circumcised men have issues as they do not.

I am also in the boat that this is the parents choice and sister, needs to mind her own business. She can make that choice for her children, not yours.
    10-18-2012, 08:06 PM
Tell your sister if she wants to hang out with Sharpei puppies that's fine, but you are not into it.
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    10-18-2012, 08:13 PM
Green Broke
Lmfao wares !!!!
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    10-18-2012, 08:16 PM
This whole discussion is very odd to me, boys in the UK are not routinely circumcised, and they don't seem to have any issues.

I was genuinely shocked when I found out that is was done over this side of the pond, very strange concept. But it is a readily offered and culturally acceptable procedure, so it is down to you and your family to decide.
    10-18-2012, 08:30 PM
I do not have any kids, however I have a good friend whose mother did not get him circumcised, and at 18 he chose to have it done. It was a very painful surgery at that point, and he wishes his parents had done it when he was a baby. If I do have a son I will be getting it done for various reasons, but the main one bein that so many boys ARE done and teenage years are tough enough without feeling like a "freak" that way(not saying that they are in any way shape or form, but there will be locker rooms and kids are Viscious).
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    10-18-2012, 08:56 PM
My ex husband and my father's son is also uncircumcised, he was very much in favor of having our son done.
    10-18-2012, 09:18 PM
For me it was a no brainer too -- NOT to circumcise. I don't agree that it's my decision and mine alone (well, with MDH of course). This will affect my boys for the rest of their lives. Once done, it can't be undone. Well, actually now with plastic surgery it can be undone, but that's not my point.

I did research on it as well. Could not find a valid reason in my mind to circumcise the babies and figured I'd leave it up to them. If they wanted to do it when they were old enough to understand, then all the power to them, but I was not going to take that decision away from them.

As far as the mother/son bonding thing -- that's just BS. No effect. Seriously? Where in blazes does anyone come up with an idea like that?

Your sister is talking from her soapbox in the middle of the empty town square. Tell her that her opinion is fine, but it's hers, not yours. You and your DH will make the best decisions in your minds for your children. When and if she ever decides to have kids, then she can make the decisions for her kids.

Ask her if she wants to maintain a strong relationship with you. If she says yes, then tell her she has to, in the end, respect your reasonable decisions, whether she likes them or not. Not her place to keep harping on it.
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    10-19-2012, 12:00 AM
First of all this became an issue when I first heard about the "human rights issue" of it and posted a facebook status on it....I was just curious what everyones opinions on it were (male and female, and I wanted my circed and un circed male friends to chime in)... I'm always curious what peoples opinions on things are... any way she sprung a gasket over it, and got into some argueing over it with some of my friends who have kids(would not have asked if I had known it was going to turn into that! She's allll for abortion and womens rights, who knew she would have this issue!!)

Fast forward to today, she called to plan her flight for beginning of febuary. I'm due feb 2nd, so she's hoping in the week she will be here when I'll pop.. plus she has plans on becoming a doula (where is the eyeroll smiley??) and I'ma be her guiney pig to see if she can handle the whole birthing thing. I had to touch base on this as I DO NOT WANT IT to because a huge family fight at the hospital if she happens to be there (she loves to make you feel bad for not seeing it her way)..... I want it to be a happy time not ruined by her opinion of what I should do. And boy is she opinionated...

Northern mamma I can totally respect your view on it and let me tell you I feel very refreshed that you have your opinion but don't feel the need to cram it down my throat.. thank you for that!

My reasonings behind it are that, yeah I don't want to have to explain to my kid why he isnt the same as daddy (she called me cowardly over this).. and that I do worry about him feeling different from the other kids and getting teased in the lockerroom when he comes to that age ( live in an area whereits done ALOT). I have heard of people circing themselves because of harrasment( I would like to avoid that, or him having to eventually be circed). And the cleanliness thing ( mostly as a kid).. Also I have read that something like 5 % of uncirced males end up needing to be circed because of forskin problems..

I really just don't want my kid to end up needing it done later in life, when I can get it out of the way when he is a newborn. ANd I'm still just so mad that she is calling me an A-Hole (literally she sent me a text:) and refusing to change diapers while she's here for having it done..
    10-19-2012, 12:44 AM
I would not choose to do it if I had a child, but I am English and boys are usually only circ'ed there for religious reasons. In fact I had not even seen a circ'ed penis til I was single and living in the US. I thought it looked very odd. :)

The thing that concerns me much more than this debate is that I am wondering if your sister is going to be this big of a PITA about all your parenting decisions - as this is your very first decision.

It's your baby, you do what feels right for you - and congratulations!

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