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Green Broke
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Sadly, I believe OP. The things I've seen myself in regards to school?

Just mindblowing.

For instance....

May of '06 my daughter had a car wreck. She was a senior and ranked 3rd in her class. Straight A student. Top 10 student all the way. College bound. She totaled her car and broke vertebra in back...1 cm difference from walking and wheelchair is how the doctors put it.

She was released from hospital after one full week in ICU, was in back brace, and was on Lortabs to boot. And in pain.

She had the accident on 6th. Graduation was on 17th or something like that. At this school seniors would be excused from finals and school too, unless they had missed one day too many during school year. Which she had. Can't remember why, been a while now.

However. All but 2 of the teachers said based on her grades, and the circumstances, they had no problem with her not taking the finals. Which meant she could graduate with her class.

One of the 2 that said she had to take the final? Was a **** Home Ec teacher. And the final had been an OPEN BOOK final to boot. But all books had been taken up, and my daughter is unable to get her book, and is in too much pain to be able to sit anyway. She called me in tears, because she was trying to take it on a computer from house, and didn't have the book. But she managed to get that one done.

The other teacher? Was a man. Science teacher and he just flat would not understand what was going on. Period. Nor would he work with us. At all.

And neither would principal, or superintendent. Their excuse was "oh, her friend was in hospital 2 weeks in January and we made her take her finals."

BIG DIFFERENCE in being out in January...and being out week finals were being taken, and that girl wasn't in there for a broken back nor was she in ICU and on pain meds.

I asked if she could take finals AFTER the graduation ceremony, so she could walk...and was told no. She couldn't. Just too bad was their attitude. all have to understand this was in Alabama. A state where black students all over the state were being allowed to walk even though they had flunked...because "it wasn't fair to not let them walk with their classes" and there had been numerous articles about it too.

But my white child, who was a straight A student, was not going to be able to walk? Oh hell no.

I pointed out that all over the state, black students who didn't even have enough credits to be a sophomore were walking, and doubted any of them would EVER finish. Granted, they were not getting a diploma per se...but they were still being allowed to dress in cap and gown and have their name called, and would be given a rolled blank paper/ all appearances, they were graduating.

I called the Mobile Press and told them I had one hell of a story for them...AND the TV stations, and set up interview times...telling them I was going to let school know I was fixing to take it to the airwaves and the press.

And then I called the science teacher. At home.

I asked him why? He said she had straight A in the class...but that she had to take final. I asked him did he realize she was on Lortabs and had broken her back? And had been a week in ICU/ He said she had to take final or he wouldn't let her walk with her class.

So....I told him that I would be there with a paper drawn up by my attorney, stating that HE KNEW my daughter was on Lortabs and had been in a serious car accident and in ICU for a week, that she was a straight A student, in his class as well as all classes, and that he was making her take the test, knowing she was on pain meds of an altering nature.

And that he would be signing that paper in front of a notary. And witnesses.

And I told him if her grade dropped as a result or if the stress caused health problems for her? I would sue the school and HIM personally, because he had forced my child to take a test knowing the circumstances, and that I would make sure he never taught again.

I also asked him if he had children. And when he said he did. I told him that I hoped one of his kids got hurt and then had an idiot teacher pull the crap on his kid that he was pulling on mine.

Also told him he would be getting phone calls from newspapers and that I had contacted TV stations and he would be interviewed.

Within phone call from moron in super's office. Stupid twit anyway.
Said they had "reviewed the matter and daughter would be exempted from test since she was an exemplary student".....yeah right.

Called stations and paper and told them all was fine. Daughter walked and got her diploma too.

Now mind you, I had no problem with daughter taking test after she was healed more, and off pain meds....and had told them that. But to not let her walk was wrong. If they could do it for flunking black students, could darn sure do it for white A student in this situation.

As a side note? Anyone who think whites are racist? Just hasn't lived in the Deep South.

So, I believe the OP. Teachers are bullies nowadays, just as much as kids...and the upper levels are just as bad too.

Tell your friend they should take it to the school board, as that is what I would do. And then might also call your state rep and ask them to look into it.

AND call the State Superintendent's Office too.
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^That's... insane o.o

The sensitivity of the internet baffles me.
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Green Broke
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I'm a parent and there is no way my child would have a "C" to begin with. If a kid is barely passing and not putting in effort, I can totally understand a teacher not wanting to spend massive amounts of time, outside of normal school hours helping them out. Teacher probably feels that the kid really needs to just re-take the entire class and actually learn Chemistry so they aren't flailing about in the next class.

My older kid missed a couple weeks of school when I had knee surgery (husband was traveling for work, no family nearby and as an emergency surgery, no time to make other plans) and had no issues making up all the work but even if she hadn't been able to, her A's would have only dropped to maybe B's, there would have been zero concern about failing any classes.
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I am a parent AND a teacher. Quite frankly, I am disturbed by he accusations against teachers that are being made in this thread and I resent anyone generalizing and calling teachers bullies. Teachers are not infallible, but most are not so unreasonable. There is usually much more to the story. I think it is also clear that some parents can be bullies too. Making threats is not a reasonable way for anybody (parents or teachers) to solve a problem. If a parent called me at home and threatened me, I would have the police involved very quickly.

Any time I have had a student with medical issues, I have always done everything I can to help the student be successful. Sometimes it means exempting an exam and sometimes it means providing extra help and sometimes it means being honest with the student about his or her chances of being successful at the next level.
I take passing or failing students very seriously. A pass means I have acknowledged that the student has completed and understands the majority of the course work and that they have enough of a foundation to move on to the next level. A fail means the student has not shown they are ready to move on. If there is no evidence that a student has completed or mastered the foundational concepts a course, I undermine the chances of success by randomly awarding a passing grade as the student is very likely to fail at the next level. When the course is a grade 12 course that leads to a university course, it becomes even more important that the pass means something. As a parent, I would rather my child fails and retakes a high school course than a university course for which I have paid a lot of money for them to be in.
I don't decide what is required for a student to pass or fail as this is outlined in our program of studies, a legal document that tells me what to teach and what a student needs to proceed to the next level. My job as a teacher is to provide the resources, support and opportunity for a student to learn the material. It is also my job to evaluate what a student has learned. The final exam is only one form of that evaluation. It is the students responsibility to make the most of the learning opportunity offered and the students responsibility to show me what they know. Since many pain medications alter thinking processes, I would not consider work done while under the influence of these drugs to be a good indicator of what the student knows. It I had other evidence from unit tests, etc, earlier in the year, I would take that. If I didn't, I have no way to know if a student is ready to move on or not. Sometimes it is not as simple as just exempting an exam.
I am not saying the teacher in question was right or justified, but I am saying the whole situation was poorly handled from all parties and I don't think it is fair, reasonable or productive to demonize anybody.
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In a big school, that surprises me that that would happen. Because they have more money, etc.

And whoever said it wasn't worth it wasting time on a student with C' does not come easy to everyone. Sometimes, students work their butts off just to get C's. I had friends that were like that. Some subjects just didn't click. There's a wide variety of reasons why a student would not be getting an A, but not all of them mean a student is lazy. Be careful what you assume.

In a case as presented (and I say as presented because there could be or could not be more to the story), a student should be allowed to make up work for a major illness like this. I don't see why not, as long as a clear portal of communication is established once the situation has happened. Even at major universities where they will not let you miss a test, most professors will work with you if you've been in the hospital or have had something major happen.

There's usually a line of authority that one follows to solve a problem:
teacher ---> principal ---> superintendent ---> school board.

However, there's not much you can do except suggest this stuff to your friend. Other than that, it is up to her and her parents about how they handle it. It is touching to hear your concern though.

Koolio - While it is admirable that you are a great teacher and care a great deal about school and students, there are some teachers out there that do not. Many of them work at small schools that cannot afford good teachers. I came from a very small public school that eventually merged with another nearby school. Most of our teachers were fresh out of college or had a specific reason to be in the area. Throughout high school, I experienced a lot of negative moments with teachers. Here are a few examples:

-English teacher. She dressed provocatively, played favorites, and often mispronounced words that I knew how to pronounce, misspelled things, and missed punctuation and grammar issues. Cool beans for other teachers, but not an English teacher. I can't remember a lot of specifics here, but I remember a lot of generalizations.

-Science teacher. Now, this guy was an older guy, but he was not teacher material, and every teacher recognized it except him. He was way too smart to be teaching and could not relate to his students. I didn't learn a thing in his class because I didn't understand any of it.

-Vocal teacher/speech coach: I will never forget this one. I didn't deal with this teacher at all except during the fall play. I had one of the lead parts. I knew my lines well right away and tried my best to act. At the beginning of the play, I told this teacher that I needed to know a week in advance when practices would be so I could make sure I didn't have to work. She agreed, all was well. Then, she started getting fussy and angry and started scheduling extra practices that were only a few days in advance. When I told her I had to work one of those nights, she CALLED MY BOSS AND TOLD HIM I NEEDED TO BE AT PLAY PRACTICE. He told her I could find a sub, but I wasn't really finding anyone (okay, to be honest, I wanted to just go to work so I could spite her lol), except maybe this one girl that went to another school. THIS TEACHER THREATENED TO CALL THIS GIRL AT ANOTHER SCHOOL AND ASK HER TO WORK FOR ME. One play practice. One. Just ridiculous.

-Spanish Teacher: She was moody and often swore in class. She had it out for me for whatever reason. At the fall conference, she told my mom I should let other students answer in class more. So I was more patient. At the spring conference, she told my mom I should speak up more. At the end of the year of my senior year, I got really sick and could not go to school. We had a policy that we could make up tests and that sort of stuff. I took a test when I got back to school for this class and gave it to her - she gave me a zero. And there is no way I should have gotten a zero for that.

-Principal: He was a real joy too. I remember asking him if I could opt out of one of my English classes the next semester to take a more challenging English class. Everything being taught in that class I knew already. It was the easiest A ever and I was bored. He really didn't have too much to say to that. During my senior year, I got really depressed and bombed a few college courses I was taking. No one tried to work with me so I could get back on track - the principal cast me off as lazy.

But, not every teacher was negative either. I had some really great ones.

-Math teacher: He made all my math classes so easy, and I'm not good at math. He was phenomenal at getting stuff across.

-Social studies teacher and his wife who worked special ed: He was great and really knew me, I felt. He wrote a letter of recommendation for me and I could talk to him about almost anything. Same with his wife, even though I was not in special education.

-Science teacher - This guy made science fun. We dissected cats in anatomy. He was strict and kept the class in order. However, he was a very effective teacher, more than fair, and had a good sense of humor.

-6th grade teachers - They're both the greatest. I loved school back then. I learned so many things for them about life and class. They worked with me when I messed up because they knew I was an honest student who tried hard. I can't say enough about them. They both had a tremendous effect on my life.

-Business teacher - Oops, forgot her. She was also very strict but had a good sense of humor, was easy to talk to, and would be there when you needed her for help.

-Ag teacher - I hated him at first. He accused me of plagiarizing a paper. I never plagiarized. I won't. He seemed mean, hard to get along with...but as soon as I started to get to know him, things went differently. He was very influential in teaching me about my own leadership skills and had a quirky sense of humor. I actually learned things in his ag class, unlike the teacher before, and got involved in FFA and stayed involved in his time there. Great guy.

There's good and bad in both.

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Originally Posted by cjaccardi View Post
this is the funniest post , I do not believe any of it. A parent is suppose to come to the school and administer aid if a child is sick ?

so if the kid is dying the parents have to come ??

what school is this ?
Just the other day a parent was complaining to me that the school nurse wouldn't give their kid an aspirin for a headache. School wanted them to leave work and bring aspirin with them to give to their child. It's insane but getting more common.

Tell them to talk to the principal and school board. If they don't get help then take it to a local reporter and talk show host. Schools hate to be publically embarrassed and generally change their tune in a hurry when something stupid like this is taken state wide.
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It is not the responsibility of the school to care for sick children. Schools cannot provide or administer medication to kids other than a life saving dose of epinephrine. Students can take their own medication provided it is prescribed to them or in a labelled container issued by the parent.

While some parents may complain about the school not giving out aspirin, there are many others who would sue the school if they gave their child any type of medication. The school cannot win and so has to err on the side of caution, meaning not administering any meds. In a serious emergency, the school should call EMS first and then the parents. Otherwise, it is the parents responsibility to look after their sick children.
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Everyone is just too sue-happy these days. I understand the liability of giving out aspirin. I mean, some people are highly allergic to that stuff. But really, if people weren't always threatening to sue, maybe the school could actually focus on the important things, like learning?
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We are not even allowed to put calamine lotion on kids with poison oak. This is due to liability. Yes, it seems crazy,but its true.
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In Australia we are only allowed to administer first aid medication - epi for anaphylaxis and ventolin for asthma. Essentially, if it isn't life threatening, the child should be sent home to be cared for by the parents. As a teacher, I would send the child with the headache home - they are not going to be effective learners if they are unwell, and it is not up to me to baby sit, but instead to teach.
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