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Posting this is more difficult than you might imagine..

I'm tired of being fat.
Since I moved to Fort Wayne in June 2010, I've gained a ton of weight. I was big before that, but it really got bad when I came here. The stress of school, being on my own for the first time, and the deteriorating personal relationships I had at the time caused me to overeat. Not to mention the fact that I was living off of student loans, so anything I did eat was cheap because I couldn't afford anything else.
School is done, graduated in December. It took me four months to find a job. I still don't make as much per week as I would like, but boyfriend has a good job so we do alright. Nevertheless, eating healthy on a budget is really difficult.
What's even more difficult, is my weight has caused other health issues. I'm hypoglycemic, I have compressed discs and arthritis in my lumbar spine, and I have Plantar Fasciitis. [An inflammatory condition of the muscles and connective tissue on the bottom of the feet. Excrutiating, makes walking very difficult. It causes heel spurs which ultimately must be surgically removed.]
All of this, in combination with the fact that I have been struggling with depression all of my life. It is vicious cycle. I hate the way I look, so I get depressed about it, and instead of leaving the house, I stay in. And eat.
My gelding is 16.2hh, and about 1200 pounds. I don't think he's too big for me, I just think it'd be doing him a kindness if I shed at least a few pounds. And I know if I lost weight I'd be much more energetic, and feel a lot better about myself, which translates to more time spent riding.

I guess my biggest challenge is that I don't know where to begin. It's hard to exercise much, because I hurt everywhere. It's hard to eat well, because I have a very limited income. It's hard to not do what is easy, and that's being a layabout and eating junk.

I just needed to vent, to people who will understand. So if you read, thanks. Anybody have a diet that could recommend to shed some weight quickly, but something that is safe? Once I reduce some of the weight I should be able to walk more, and begin exercising.

And, also, it might be helpful to just know that I'm...not alone. As so often it feels like I am.

Thanks again.

We drink to our youth, to the days come and gone; for the age of oppression is now nearly done.
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Are you on medication for the depression? Sometimes this can really help with weight loss , too. If you feel better, you do less random eating.
So, if you really have been diagnosed with depression, maybe consider medication. they do, however, play havoc with your sex life.

Spend the money to get custom orhtotics made. Go to the best foot doctor you can find. Go to a stor that sells running shoes for athletes, and ask them which foot doctor is the best. Spend the 3 to 4 hundred dollars to get a pari of custom orthotics, made. Wear them! don't go barefoot or wear flipflops. wear the kind of shoes the doctor recommends. Ice your feet after a hard day, ask doc about maybe a steriod injection in heel to jumpstart healing. (hurt! but it is worth it)

Start working out with weights, which you can do seated. build muscle in core and upper body, too. Do this in front of TV with boyfriend. easy peasey

pack the meal that you will eat after riding, before hand.
I am often starved after riding , so will make poor choices. If I had a good meal ready for me after riding and cleaning up etc. I would make a better choice.
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You are so not alone, while your own particular circumstances are maybe unique, I can relate to physical limitations, compressed discs and a bulging disc, one knee surgery done, another looming, so exercise is difficult.

I have been on medication for depression on and off for a lot of my adult life.

OK, I know you don't want to hear the next bit, but you don't want to lose weight quickly, you want to lose it for good. I did the losing weight quickly bit, lost over a 100 pounds, but I put it back on just as quickly, which of course made me depressed all over again, yeah I'm sure you know the cycle.

I have just started on a get fit scheme again, and this time I'm going a little slower. For exercise I have ordered the 'Yoga for the Rest of Us' DVD, as a way of starting to move again and strengthen the muscles and joints, I also need to get my butt on the stationary bike.

As to the cost of good food, I know it is hard, but junl food is actually expensive wen you add it all up, especially the cost of what it is doing to your body.

The thing you could consider is making little changes, start by cutting out snacks, drink more water, then make breakfast a healthy meal, drink more water. When you have trained yourself to no snacks and a healthy breakfast, then change your lunch to a healthy meal, and so on.


If you are better at big changes start researching a diet that sounds good to you, one that includes food that you like, and doesn't ask you to eat foods that make you puke

You also need to work out your body type and what will work with you to lose weight. I know from much trial and error that I can lose weight really easily on a high protein low carb diet, but I struggle to maintain it, because I am a carb addict. Currently I'm on day 6 of a vegetarian fast, and so far it's about the easiest thing I've ever done, unlimited fruit and veggies, some nuts, pulses, and whole grains, no meat, animal products, no yeast or sugar or sweeteners. I'm staying off of the scale, but I feel a lot better and it is making me more mindful of the hidden sugars in processed foods we eat, and to the mindless snacking I can indulge in when making food for the family.

This isn't a diet for life, but I think it is a good start, and when I start adding meat products I will be more mindful of what I'm actually eating.

You are not alone, and you can do this.
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First of all if exercising hurts you can do walking instead. Walking does wonder to burn off the weight: just put on your phones, and go around the neighborhood slowly increasing a distance with time.

Second, you ABSOLUTELY can eat healthy with the limited budget (reminds me when 2 of us + cat were living on $40/week and we didn't go with junk food, although it was 15 years back). Of course you won't go with organic, but there are sales and you can buy fruits (bananas, apples), veggies (tomatoes, onion), and meat for the very reasonable price. Just stay away from donuts, bread, sweet cereals, cookies, chips, COKE (that is full of calories), and alike.

Good luck! As long as you are firm on what you want to do and will stay with the rules you'll drop the weight - no question on that.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass: it's about learning to dance in the rain..."

"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves."

"How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours."
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If you can work out in a swimming pool, it is much easier on your body.
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thanks, guys, for replying. let me answer you in order here:

tiny- I've been on meds for depression since I was six years old. I'm all too familiar with the sexual side effects. I recently switched to a new med but unfortunately it's the kind that easy on the sexy stuff and not tough enough on the chemical imbalance. I've been a bit of a mad hatter lately. I've also done the custom orthodics/injections route. It unfortunately did not help, and when I asked the doc for suggestions on how to proceed, he told me he couldn't help someone who was fat. I have an appointment with a new podiatrist on may 1st, but I'm anticipating hearing the same old song. That's a good idea on packing the meal. I'll do that, thanks.

Golden- I didn't really mean a crash diet, but something that could help jumpstart things so I can get to moving better. Sounds like what you're doing is a good idea, only, what are pulses? lol And, no eggs? Like, hardboiled ones? They seem harmless enough...

Kitten- I'm still fumbling my way through living on a budget, and I try to shop cheaply. I try to make more dinners at home, not eat out, etc. What do you when the people you hang out with eat junk? Just, always assume that's what will happen and pack your own food in advance? lol...

Ripper- the pool here will open soon. I'll give that a try, thanks.

One of my biggest obstacles here in discouragement. I can't see it happening for me, so I give up. How do you convince yourself you can get there? It just feels like I have SUCH a long way to go.
Btw, I'm about 260 and I'd like to weigh about 180, at 5'7.
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We drink to our youth, to the days come and gone; for the age of oppression is now nearly done.
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A huge way I am able to "cheaply" feed my family of 6 is reading the ingredients. Most bread have loads of extra sugar but a few don't.... Look for bread without corn syrup. Making biscuits, pancakes, and other stuff from scratch. Doesn't take the time you would expect & you know what your made it. I also try to make portions are correct & keep light snacks for anyone who is still hungry. I never take a bag or box of any junk food to the couch. I always put it in a bowl or napkin so i won't eat too much. I don't know if i have helped you but its the little things that can start making a big difference
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Cut down, or out breads/pastas/starches, and also colas too.

If you are much of a sugar eater? Go to something that has none, or very little.

You can do this, you just have to put your mind to it. And while you may not feel like walking or exercising right now, as the weight drops, you may feel better about doing it.

And an added bonus, your saddle will fit better too.

And I commend you for having the courage to admit the toll your weight may be taking on your horse, as well as yourself. Too few people do consider the horse when they are overweight. My weight is one reason I don't ride as much as I should.

Horses make me a better person.
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Originally Posted by arrowsaway View Post
Golden- I didn't really mean a crash diet, but something that could help jumpstart things so I can get to moving better. Sounds like what you're doing is a good idea, only, what are pulses? lol And, no eggs? Like, hardboiled ones? They seem harmless enough...
Pulses, are lentils and peas and such, give you lots of protein.

Eggs are good, but I'm doing 3 weeks of The Daniel Fast it is not so much about losing weight as about becoming far more mindful of what you are eating, and thinking about everything you put into your mouth.

At the end of 3 weeks I will then start adding back the meat and animal products and see how it goes.
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Arrowsaway, thank u for opening yourself to us. Your courage inspires me. We all have different manure in our lives to deal with. Yours is depression and weight. How old are u? I felt like I finally figured out what worked for me at 40+.

I went to a good nutritionist, a little on the hippie side for me but she was right about everything for me. I started by writing down everything I ate, everything. There are apps that help if u have a smart phone. Then we looked at what I was eating and what my body didn't tolerate well. Lost 40 lbs just from avoiding foods, she said most of it was inflammation! Then just kept going. She cost me about $500 over 2 years, but it was worth it for me. Learned I loved running, along with riding. I avoid foods made by others and spend my tv time in the kitchen slicing and peeling with my sweetie. I pack my foods and when people ask why I don't eat something, I just say I don't like it. Then they can't argue with u or put down your diet. All the advice u have been given above is good. The trick for me was listening to my body. If a food makes me gassy or feel nauseated I avoid it. If I feel really good after I eat it, I eat it. Dairy is good example. Many people have to avoid it but I thrive on lowfat dairy.

Start by tracking your food and how it makes u feel afterward. Good luck! Someone as smart and self aware as u r will definitely figure it out!
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