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i weigh 180 pounds and ive just returned to england from living in spain (where i had no problem riding) but ive been looking at horses for loan and have been told im too "heavy" for most of them even though theyre bigger than any horse i rode in spain, and they had no problem.
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Howdy girls, and guys. I'm a foodaholic also! I'm 5'9", 260, (I can't believe I said that to people I don't know!) Love to eat, love to cook! I've been sans horse for about 15 yrs, just riding occassionally when someone has an extra horse to ride. For some reason I married a guy who hates horses, so I sold mine.... It's been 30 yrs, still have the same guy, but I now have another horse! So I'm up off my arse doing stuff, so she's benifitting me greatly! I just bought a saddle, used, 15" seat, I sat on some 16's and 17's, I really couldn't tell that much difference, but it was just sitting on them at the tack shop.
My horse is about 15hh, I've not officially measured her, but intend to, 4 yr old. Have had her 2 months, she needs A LOT of TLC, she's been abused, but we're doing well, just a few minor problems.

But I do get that look up and down and the comment "You ride?" with that skeptical look from people. Yeah, I'm fat, but I ride, and I can do anything I want... can't run a marathon, can't be the first one up that hill, but by God, I'll get up that hill in due time!

Thanks for the new "comfy" person forum!
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Ahh this is wonderful! I'm very tiny myself, but my boyfriend is a larger man and has expressed interest in riding with me, along with concerns about his weight. He had become very fond of a large draft at my old barn so that might be the route we take (if we ever can afford a horse of our own) since all it would be used for is light riding and some trails for him. It's awesome to see there's a community out there for this, it would help my bf so much to know that it's possible and he shouldn't worry. I'm looking foreword to reading more!
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Originally Posted by XxemmafuriaxX View Post
i weigh 180 pounds and ive just returned to england from living in spain (where i had no problem riding) but ive been looking at horses for loan and have been told im too "heavy" for most of them even though theyre bigger than any horse i rode in spain, and they had no problem.
180 pounds is hardly cause for concern unless of course there are soundess issues with the horse (arthritis, back problems, etc...). It's frustrating that there is such a stigma around being a heavier rider and horseback riding. WAYYY back when I weighted 180 pounds, I was a size 12 and I looked great. 180 is hardly "fat" yet people are still hestiant about letting you ride their horses? Sure it's their horse and their descision, but it doesn't mean it's the right descision.

I think people who are prejudice against a heavier rider should educate themselves on horses and weight bearing capacity before they pass judgement.


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I love it! Myself I am 5'11 (on good days I am 6') and am 255 lbs (was 285 last month but started the hCG diet through my doctor...30 lbs down :) ) I have gained a lot of weight since my really bad riding accident where I broke my L1 vertabrate. ( I was 155 at the time, jumping accident) and even when I was 155 I was still concidered at my barn as "the fat girl who has no business jumping" and even my instructor said some things about me being hefty. Well after my accident my horse that I trained to be a jumper got really sick and we had to sell him because it was veryyyyy expencive to rehabilitate him (he was my life) so ever since then I haven't been on a horse more than 4 times a month but teach local riding lessons. Well ... I have finally bought "my horse" everyone else in my family has their own and just ...took me a while longer to find the one ....he is 15.2 hh and a qh tenn walker cross. (Check out his pics :) ) anyways....a lot of people have told me that he isn't built for me and I will end up hurting him...wtf. well I have sucsessfully rode him in two small circles (as he is not trained) and even with his old injury from barbed wire he has not offered to throw lame :) now I have to go out and buy new riding clothes etc cause I'm finally back in it 150% like before my accident :) and start my hcg diet up again Monday ....my goal is to get down to 165 but I will be more than happy being 180 :) and if it wasn't for my back pain...I wouldn't be on such a drastic diet.... sorry for the novel everyone.... I tent to waunder off sometimes :) its so nice to see other people in the same situation as myself ! Once again...I love it!
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I'm 6'0, and weighed 135 in high school and was pretty UNDERweight, and currently weigh nearly twice that, at 260.

For the past year and a half or so, I've belonged to a program called Equishare at a local ranch. Riders pay by the month, different tiered rates for different numbers of riding hours a month, and can ride any of the horses that suit their ability levels (riders are scored on a scale of 1-5 for ability, horses are scored on the level of riders they can handle either in the arena or on trail rides).

I had a blast last summer, rode a variety of horses from quarter horses to Tennesse walkers, even a National Show Horse that was supposedly worth $10k at one time. They got a percheron in the fall, and it was AWESOME to feel proportional (both leg length and weight wise) on a horse. Most of the summer, I rode a taller QH, and would go on 3-hour rides consisting of a lot of trotting and some long canter stretches, and unless it was super hot out, he didn't even break a sweat.

The owners of the ranch didn't seem to have a problem with my weight, and even suggested horses for me that were smaller than I was comfortable with (and one sway-backed horse). However, by spring, one of the staff must have decided they should implement rider weight limits. I completely agree with the philosophy--you shouldn't be putting a 300 pound newbie on a petite horse. But their weight limits seemed stricter than they needed to be, and ruled out all the horses except drafts for me. (Even the QH I rode all the prior summer.)

It's my personal opinion that it shouldn't just be a straight weight limit, but that it depends on the rider and the activity. A 250-lb newbie going on a trot ride that will be flopping all over the horse's back would be way worse than me (I'm no expert, but don't tend to flop or bang on the horse's back) going on a walk-only ride because my son was coming along. It should also depend on the horse--two horses of the exact same size may have different carrying abilities depending on their age and history, but they didn't seem to take that into consideration, either.

So I was limited to the two percherons, and they sometimes switched them around between the three different ranches they operate out of, and the time I wanted to take my sister (about my size) riding, the two drafts were at separate locations so we couldn't ride together. Then the owner of the percheron mare took her back (a lot of the Equishare horses were either boarders who received discounted board for allowing their horses in the program, or leased for a certain period of time, often for the summer). So I was limited to just the one draft, and he was a sweet as could be, but was older and a total lug. Just plodded along the trail, absolutely no effort necessary to ride him. He was great for beginners, but boring for me, and he wasn't capable of sustaining a trot or canter for long. Then he started losing weight. Turns out he has bad teeth, but since he's a free lease, the program doesn't want to pay for the anesthesia it will apparently take to work on him, and his owner doesn't want to pay because they're not the ones using him, so it's a stand-off, and the horse loses. Not only do I not want to ride him and contribute to the weight loss, I pretty much don't want to support the program, either. So I haven't been in a few months, and am working on buying a horse myself.

The first couple of horses I looked at, I expressed interest, but the owners decided not to sell to me (well, one just didn't get back to me). Not sure if it has anything to do with my weight or not, but I can't help but think it might.

But I tried a nice stocky QH the other day, and am allowed to come ride him as much as I want until I make a decision, and they don't seem to mind my weight (and neither does he), so I think I'm making progress toward ownership. Woo!
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problem with to big

Stella my avatar is 16 hands and has clydsdale in her breading plus anything else you can think of in NZ. Good confirmation but heavy leg bones.
I use a tucker endurance saddle with westen skirt etc. Now I have finished my show off ill get to the point. It looks good westernised.

We have a friend with a special needs daughter. This young lady is in excess of 6' 4" and on the north side of 120kg however she is on a diet.

I came home from work to find my wife (god bless her) had this young lady on Stella being lead round the paddock.

Parents all jumping for joy their daughter was on a horse, my horse, why could she have not used Kate.(my wifes horse as it was her idea). Now I have dropped her in it I feel better and will continue. I was the perfect host and said nothing but my heart was in my mouth and all of the problems that could go wrong were running around in my head.

The ride finished and this young lady was helped off and my wife (bless her again) arranged for the next ride. (On Stella).

So a friedship was begun, I now had the problem of telling them I felt there daughter was to heavy for the horse and if she hurt the horses back Stella would become unridable. I was thinking of my mistakes with Savannah and being bucked off.

I tentitivly brought the subject up by pointing out her lack of corodination and ballance, and said I will place an old stock saddle on the fence and she could get practice mounting and dismounting.

Cutting this short. My worries. Weight, lack of skill and the time she spent standing on one stirup before sitting in the saddle and the reverse when dismounting.
I was lucky on one count while she was mounting Stella she sat down heavy making Stella react to the sudden weight. This was noticed by her father which gave me the opening to point out my concern for the health of the horse with such a weight.

Stella spooked that day while this young ladies mother was leading her. Result, Daughter on the ground very upset but not hurt. Mother with bad rope burns on her hands trying to hold Stella. And Stella wondering what all the fuss was about, as she had only done what horses do. I got her back on the horse straight away. (softy)

So you now think all are to big, but NO.
My problem is the way you settle into the saddle and the lack of bounce while in the saddle. I believe the dammage to the horse is done bouncing around and not so much with the weight. Provided the horse has the build, strength and fittness to carry the weight.

Big is not bad, how you dump yourslf into the saddle is.

At the end of each ride with this young lady I say sorry to Stella and thank her.

My blog foremyhorse.org you may enjoy the read. Its different.
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Originally Posted by Joe4d View Post
Hey to the OP, its not just girls that ride,,,,,
But for some reason I cant understand why everyone cringes when I ask for size 40 green riding tights,
I always start singing the, Men in tights song,:

We're men, we're men in tights. We roam around the forest looking for fights. We're men, we're men in tights. We rob from the rich and give to the poor, that's right! We may look like sissies, but watch what you say or else we'll put out your lights! We're men, we're men in tights, Always on guard defending the people's rights.
I'm curious, Joe. Do those come in the big white egg you have to crack open?
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Do not tell me I can't...because I will show you that I can.
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Originally Posted by Joe4d View Post
Hey to the OP, its not just girls that ride,,,,,
But for some reason I cant understand why everyone cringes when I ask for size 40 green riding tights,
I always start singing the, Men in tights song,:

We're men, we're men in tights. We roam around the forest looking for fights. We're men, we're men in tights. We rob from the rich and give to the poor, that's right! We may look like sissies, but watch what you say or else we'll put out your lights! We're men, we're men in tights, Always on guard defending the people's rights.
THIS made my day. <3
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Hello, I'm Mariah. I'm also a big girl at 5'7 and 260#'s. I havent had anyone say or insinuate that I am too big to ride. Though I do notice that I get matched with the bigger boned horses in my lessons. No problem, I like 'em big :)

I think the biggest prejudice in riding comes from myself. I'm not allways able to hold my 2point as long as others and I get winded easier, I worry if people think I'm weak because of it. I am however, very good at sinking my weight into my heels, I have a lot of weight to sink

I am constantly thinking of how I look while riding. I wer shirts a bit bigger than I have to to hide the jiggle, I'm terrified of buying my first pair of breeches. Lol.

Clothing is allways an issue. I dread clothes shopping. I buy most of my clothes at one store because they cater to us bigger ladies and are VERY fashionable, albeit expensive. I love that I am able to find cute comfortable clothes and jeans though.

I am currently working on losing weight. I just started this week actually, and so far I've been doing good. Avoiding the scale ATM, but I'll get over it. Just dont want to get disapointed. I think I carry my weight well and don't look like a weight as much as I do. Honestly though, I'm comfortable with myself, but I know I could be a LOT more comfortable (both physicaly and emotionally) if I dropped some weight.

I'm glad there was a thread started for us &quot;fuller fillies&quot;

When In Doubt Let Your Horse Do The Thinkin
Originally Posted by spookychick13
What Lone said.

Last edited by Lonestar22; 09-17-2011 at 02:28 PM.
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19" saddle , plus size

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