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QOS 10-12-2011 11:18 PM

Going to give Endurance Riding a try
My riding buddy/barn manager and I have decided to give some Limited Distance riding a try with the eye on doing some 50 milers and more in the future if we like it.

She has an Arabian that can go and go and I have a QH so while my horse isn't the perfect endurance horse, I believe The Biscuit and I can have fun all the same.

I already have a Garmin and have been tracking miles (I have about 447 since I first rode Biscuit a year ago) and she got one a month ago. We both just got heart monitors to check our horses heart rates....I got this one:

V-MAX Product 2 on the advice of Phantom. She uses a V-Max so I went with that one instead of a Pulse. I got it in yesterday and we have it up and running.My buddy has a Sharon Saare Endurance Saddle and I have an AMTS Renegade Endurance Saddle with a we are ready to go. We have been riding quiet a bit at walk/jog/trot and I am having a trainer work with Biscuit on his aides as he is not a finished horse and I certainly am not a trainer!

We are entering a 25 mile ride in February that endurance rider Darolyn Butler is hosting at the International Airport in Houston, TX. We are planning on a ride in 2 weeks up at Ebenezer Park and ride at least 25 miles then to get our on backsides in condition. Woot! We are excited.

Nokota 10-13-2011 08:13 PM

QOS. Now tbhat the knee is healed, I am expecting that you get out there and make up for shortened rides by going for the long distances!!!! because you don't have to cut your rides short anymore you should really be racking up the miles.. These Endurance rides sound like the perfect way to do it. I'd be excited too, especially because you got someone to train/ride with. Good luck with the training and keep us posted.

phantomhorse13 10-13-2011 08:27 PM

cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!! :D

QOS 10-13-2011 11:51 PM

and I bought the book "Go The Distance" today. Going riding up at my favorite riding place this weekend. Hoping to get in at least a 10 mile ride Sunday morning.

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