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amschrader87 10-13-2011 03:22 PM

Training Tips :)
Training Tips
1. Always ask before you tell..
Such as if you want to teach your horse to stop off of your seat, you would start by sitting deep in the saddle and relaxing for 2 or 3 strides before you stop him. This way your giving the horse a chance to do the right thing before correcting him. With repetition the horse will learn that when you relax it means slow down.
2. Be observant
Horses notice everything, say one day I let him move his feet while Iím trying to mount. If I donít take the time to correct it the problem will just keep escalading until I canít get near him to mount.
3. Donít let your emotions get involved.
If your correcting your horse, get in and get out. Make the wrong thing uncomfortable and move on. Dwelling on the misbehavior is only going to make your and your horse more frustrated.
4. Horses learn from release
If your teaching your horse to back under saddle, you would apply pressure until the horse takes one step back and release completely. Doesnít matter if it was a tiny step, because you can build off of it. Gradually asking for more steps each time.
5. Donít be afraid to learn.
Learn new techniques, go to clinics, read books because when you run out of knowledge you run out of things to teach your horse and you both will get bored.
6. Timing is everything
Say your desensitizing your horse to something, apply the pressure and donít release or remove it until the horses feet stop moving and he shows a sign of being relaxed. Signs of relaxation are licking lips, cocked hind leg, lowing head, blinking his eyes or taking a deep breath.
7. The key to vertical flexion is lateral flexion
If you canít get your horse to be soft and supple with one rein how can you expect it with both. Teach your horse to flex his head from side to side and once heís soft with that at all gaits it will be easier to teach vertical flexion.
8. Desensitize
To anything and everything you can think of the more you scare your horse the more desensitized it will get.
9. And finally Donít skip steps
Take the time to put a good foundation on your horse. Donít correct problems with gadgets, take the time to figure out the cause.

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