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Spirithorse 06-11-2008 11:27 PM

Which is more acceptable?
Jumping in a black saddle or doing dressage in a brown saddle at a show?

sempre_cantando 06-12-2008 12:01 AM

i'd say jumping in a black saddle - after all, it only matters how well your horse jumps, not how you look. And most the time, you're too far from the judges for them to notice anyhow. ALthough this depends on the cousre. Why do u ask?

upnover 06-12-2008 01:12 PM

it probably depends on the level of the show. People at the local hunter shows around here would look down their noses at a black saddle, the rated shows would be horrified! I've been to some schooling dressage shows in my brown close contact saddle, completely ignored the strange looks and won! My friend even used her brown close contact saddle at a rated dressage show and won as well! If you make sure everything else is clean and trim (pulled mane, clean and shiny coat, proper clothing, nice tack, etc) it would downplay the color of the saddle. If you're trying to decide what color to go with I'd pick whatever color you would be more likely to compete in the most.

my2geldings 06-12-2008 02:29 PM

Dressage in a brown saddle would be more accepted.

PoptartShop 06-12-2008 04:34 PM

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I say jumping in a black saddle. ;)

Sara 06-12-2008 05:05 PM

I'd have to say dressage in a brown saddle.

Spirithorse 06-12-2008 08:45 PM

Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm looking at a saddle I want to buy and I can get it in brown or black but I want to do both jumping and dressage! lol. It seems like the vote is tied......I was told by a friend who shows Arabs that dressage in a brown saddle is more acceptable. I ask because I want to show in the future but need to get the right color......darn the choices! :)

ak_showgirl 06-12-2008 09:32 PM

why does the color of your saddle matter in jumper classes?? :?

Sara 06-13-2008 08:59 AM

Honestly, I've never had any use for color trends anyway. Get what looks best on your horse :P

moomoo 06-13-2008 09:06 AM

What colour is you horse? For showing only use black tack if your horse is piebald :wink:

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