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TheRoughrider21 10-16-2011 02:18 PM

Halter Class
I'm taking Kota to his first show next weekend and entering him in only halter class. I have never done halter before, so I have a few questions. Does the chain go over or under the nose? Does the judge tell you when to trot? Will I have to pivot? And since Kota is a mutt, (morab/spotted draft), how will they judge him? Thanks!

paintedpastures 10-16-2011 02:37 PM

In halter you will walk into ring to judge usually when you get to judge if it is a mare or stallion class they will be asked to see teeth to check the bite. From there you trot away from judge & proceed to the line up. In line up you set your horse up square{for the more stock horse looking breeds} Or parked out look{Arabs,SB or gaited breeds}. Most people show with chain under,or you can go without too. The chain basically gives a more refine signal to your horse so they are more responsive for setting them up,trotting out etc.
You will not be asked to perform any pattern that involves things like a pivot,that is for a showmanship class. You horse should be judge on his basic form to function conformation.:D

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