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Cinder 10-16-2011 04:28 PM

Toughen Up!
So, this is my first diary entry! Exciting :lol:.

Right now I currently ride a lesson horse named Lucky. She's a chestnut Thoroughbred. We're jumping very small verticals right now and just started cantering.

I joined the horseback riding club at my school and we go trail riding once a month. I have, more or less, the most experience in the group (not counting the teacher who runs it). The people in the group are all awesome and quite a few show potential to be future equestrians, and I'm super excited to see how they all progress. (I'm just a little instructor at heart :lol:).

I ride every Friday, so I'll try to update this consistently. We'll see.

Chestnuts73 10-16-2011 08:39 PM

pretty horse:) can't wait till you start writing

Cinder 10-28-2011 09:36 PM

Ok so I get to my barn to find out that there's no riding today because they're doing the haunted house in the indoor arena. I was really disappointed, especially since I was hoping to get some practice on Lucky today before my show on Sunday.

For those who don't know:

I'm riding Lucky in my first real show on Sunday. I am doing:

MAYBE W/T Equitation

W/T Pleasure
W/T Cavaletti
W/T Equitation on the Flat
W/T Pole course Equitation
W/T Command Class

I don't really expect to place in anything but if I do I'll be super happy! My cousin is coming to help, videotape, and take pictures. It's going to be a lot of fun.

And then Wednesday is my second trail ride with the riding club at school. It fills me with joy that I'll be able to finally tell other riders besides myself to keep their heels down! :lol: (Just kidding. I try not to nag but apparently the other kids find my semi-nagging helpful!)

A few quotes from the last trail ride we had:

Me: "Your heels are beautiful!"
Friend: "Thanks, I just washed them this morning!"

Me (riding past group of kids who look very, very confused): "You're allowed to go faster, you know." (We were losing the upper half of the group and I was trotting).
Them: "How do we get them to go faster?"
Me: "Kick and cluck, kick and cluck." *Clucking*.
Them: *Blank stares as I trot away*

Then proceed with more questions as to how to go faster or slower.

One Dude: "Whoah! Calm down pony, don't kill me." (He was on a Clydesdale sized horse).

Awww so much fun!

Expect a big post on Sunday!

saddlesandskis 10-29-2011 01:26 PM

Good luck at your show! I haven't yet had the showing experience, but hopefully soon I'll get to be one of my dressage team's IDA intro level riders at a show!

Cinder 10-29-2011 01:35 PM

Thanks, and I hope you get to do that! I haven't ridden Dressage but that sounds like a lot of fun.

horsemadgirl 10-29-2011 01:39 PM

Hes a real nice horse! i wish they did horse riding at my school! good luck with lucky!

Cinder 10-30-2011 06:21 PM

Ok so I get to my barn today to find out not only was Lucky being used in the Jumping division by some one else, but in the Walk division as well with a completely different person. So I ran around and helped random people get ready and my cousin and I got Lucky ready for the girl in the Walk division quickly.

Then after some crazyness I finally had my first class.

W/T Equitation: Third out of four people.

W/T Pleasure: Third out of four people. Lucky kind of sort of bucked once but other than that she was good. Apparently I had my reins too short? :shock:. I thought they were supposed to be short for Pleasure but I might be wrong.

W/T Cavaletti: Third out of four people. Lucky touched the polls a bit on the second round and coming in I was being really weird lol.

W/T Equitation on the Flat: No placing out of like...nine people or something. We were doing really good until I lost my stirrup trotting and it stayed lost for the rest of the course while I was trying to do a posting trot. And the Judge had us trotting for forever after that, so here I was, trying to decide wether to just lose my other stirrup or not, trying SO hard not to start laughing like crazy. Ahhh good times.

W/T Pole Course Equitation: Fifth out of nine.

W/T Command: Fourth out of nine.

It was an over all fun day, but Lucky was being a bit of a brat. And I was kind of disappointed. My whole family agrees that I should've placed at least second in at least one of my classes (most notably Pole Course Eq.) but yeah. All's well that ends well I guess! I'll do better next time :D.

Lucky and I waiting outside for one of our classes:

Lucky and I in one of our classes:

It was a schooling show so that's why I'm not wearing a show coat. Most people weren't.

Next post will be Wednesday, with my school club's trail ride!

LexiJumper 10-30-2011 09:30 PM

Not bad for a first show. o: I would have lost my stirrup and then recovered it, and then lost the other one, and then most likely have fallen off. -Skilled.-

Cinder 10-31-2011 06:03 AM

Lol, yeah at least I didn't fall off or anything like that, that would've been super embarassing!

saddlesandskis 11-05-2011 09:43 PM

Oh, it was your first show? Then that's pretty good. I don't expect to place at all when I do get to show.

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