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ShadesMysteryThreat 10-17-2011 09:38 AM

We're moving! But Im worried...
First off, I'd like to say hey, I'm Megan. And if someone has posted something similar than I apologize and would appreciate someone directing me to the thread.
So, as it says, I'm moving. Back to FL actually and my horse will most def be joining me soon, but I'm worried because I have had a horse colic and die after moving him. I now know the reason why it happened but I think its safe to say that I'm a little scarred from the event. He was my first horse and without trying to be mellow dramatic, I'm pretty sure I would just die if something like that happened again. So does anyone have some advice on transitioning my horse to a COMPLETELY new environment? Like how much hay should I take with me (all I ever see in FL is alfalfa and I feed fescue in NC) How should I introduce her to the new pasture? What if there's a whole bunch of grass and she's not used to it, or visa versa - no grass in the pasture after she's come off of a very grassy pasture? And anything else you might think of.
Thanks everyone! So glad I found this site! :lol:

Joe4d 10-17-2011 10:04 AM

This is a week or so process. At the new place you want a small area away from other horses where you can control the feed.
Take at least a weeks supply of hay andfeed with you.
Day one only give normal hay and food keep in corral,
Day two add a little of the new food and hay, let graze a short time, put back up.
Each day give a little less old food, and a little more new food and pasture access, after a week she should be fine.

ShadesMysteryThreat 10-21-2011 10:47 PM

But what about the alfalfa? I'm sure I might be able to find fescue...hopefully anyway... but incase I can't, is feeding alfalfa ok? I've always heard not so good things about feeding alfalfa as a main forage source. My dad for instance, that's all he feeds but he has barrel horses and they use the energy.
I really don't know much about feeding it at all other than we've supplemented soaked alfalfa cubes in the cold winter nights at the barn I worked at.

Dreamcatcher Arabians 10-21-2011 11:50 PM

Until I moved to OK where there are blister beetles all I ever fed was alfalfa. If your horse is an easy keeper, you might want to use a combination of alfalfa and some kind of grass hay that they use in FL. My horses did not do well on just grass hay and I now feed Strategy in addition to free choice grass hay and they are fine. I WISH I could feed alfalfa here, it's so much easier than trying to balance out their ration on grass hay, but I think it's all in what you and your horse are used to.

The other poster who recommended taking a week to transition your horse onto the new diet was right on. In additon, when he comes off the trailer, he'll probably look sucked up because they frequently don't drink enough when travelling. I'd make sure you gave a nice bucket with plenty of salt in it, I like to make a mash and salt it pretty heavily, to make them drink. They're more likely to colic because they get dehydrated than because of just about anything else.

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