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ThursdayNext 10-17-2011 10:38 PM

Realistic plan for taking care of tack?
I just got my first set of tack to go with my first horse, and I'm not sure how I should be taking care of it. The bridle is not new, but everything else is. I looked online for advice, and what I read is that I should clean it every time I ride. That seems a bit much, if cleaning means a whole thing with leather soap and conditioner &tc.

So how to do other people take care of their tack? This is an ANKY Salinero dressage saddle, with buffalo print leather, but no fancy stitching or detailing like the Western saddles have. Right now, I have it on a post that sticks out of the wall, and I put the cover on it, and drape the back riser and the saddle pad and the girth over, with the sweaty-bits upwards so they can dry out. This was a pretty expensive saddle and I like it a lot, so I want to take care of it properly!

Also, I read somewhere that Murphy's oil soap works as good to clean leather tack as the special-purpose stuff that comes from the tack store. Anyone know about that?

Also, my horse has made his rain coat very grubby! Do I need to clean that?

Joe4d 10-18-2011 08:08 AM

get some of the spray on leather cleaner, mist on wipe off any time it gets damp, cleaner and better you take care of it the longer it will last. Thats why I am all about biothane tack.

nicole25 10-18-2011 10:30 AM

You should definitely clean his rain coat. The industrial wahser machines at laundromats will do the trick. Just be sure they allow horse laundry first as some places don't. As for cleaning tack. I do a very good cleaning soapd oil conditioner once every month and a half or so then I condition my saddle after every ride with stubben saddle conditioner. I oil my reins monthly because they are sorta on the older side and need it. I will also wash my girth and large pile of dirty saddle pads monthly and rinse the girth after every ride. It is neoprene I guess or something similar to synthetic like that but all of my other tack is leather. Also for oiling use neatsfeet in the brownn container don't try to sub it for anything its not worth it.
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