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azhorseluvr1222 10-21-2011 04:47 PM

Has anyone used a bridge and/or a wither pad?
I just purchased a neoprene/gel wither underpad. I was wondering if anyone has used one and if it helped at all. My TB has a swayback and high withers. No matter what saddle I have tried on him he still acts up. He is fine as long as no one sits on him. I used a cut back pad today and it seemed to help a little but I feel like my wieght isn't evenly distributed and the saddle is bridging. I looked at the reinsman swayback pad but I didnt want to get a whole new pad if I could put something under my existing pad that would help. It(swayback pad) got excellant reviews and that will be the next thing I try if this one has to go back. I currently have the pro choice smx airride ortho barrel pad(see red pad below). It doesn't seem to work that well. Any suggestions on pad or expierence with the wither/bridge pads? At a loss at how to make my horse comfortable:?

bsms 10-21-2011 06:21 PM

Do you have any pictures of your horse's back? That might help with ideas.

I've used a wither pad with my gelding, when using an Australian style saddle from DownUnder. It was sent fitted for my mare, who is both thicker (the horizontal distance) and wider (the angle where the saddle meets the horse). With my gelding, a cheap wither pad helped a lot. I had a second, older Aussie style saddle which has just come back from reshaping at DownUnder - hopefully it will now fit Trooper without a pad.

One alternative, while you are trying to figure things out, is to use variously folded towels or Navajo blankets to fill in the gaps.

Here is what I used:

Wither pad:

Fleece Western Wider Wither Pad -


Wintec Comfort Saddle Pad With Lift -

What you might consider for filling in at the middle of the saddle is this:

Mayatex San Juan Solids Blanket Pony Size

I used one folded in half as an alternative to the fleece pad I linked to first. They are 24" x 24", so they only extend 12" past the backbone on either side of the back, and you can choose to use one thickness, or fold in half. I sometimes use one with a western saddle just to add a little bit of padding to my 1/2" felt pad.

Mind you, I've never tried it for that purpose...just brainstorming in public. Hope you figure it out.

JuniorHunterChamp 10-22-2011 10:05 PM

Beval Saddlery makes popular wither pads that are made of thick, condensed, soft wool. There is a hole where to withers are, and it keeps the saddle off of the sensitive points on the horse's back. ;)

azhorseluvr1222 10-23-2011 07:57 PM

Thanks so much! Ya if this wither pad I bought doesn't work I can send it back and I will try something else until I figure it out ; )

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