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Cheyennes mom 10-21-2011 06:14 PM

Horse Tricks?
So I was looking on Youtube at things that people have taught their horse and things that they do on their horse for fun and I thought it would be cool to teach Cheyenne a trick or two...or just for ideas of things I can do on her when I just go to the barn to play in the paddock.

Cheyenne doesn't buck or rear at anyone (except occastionally other horses or if she's super hot) and I trust her SOOO much! She WILL follow me around and stuff and she'll do A LOT for a treat. She's 24 so she's not the most flexable horse in the world but she can bend well and she still has LOADS of energy.

I've gotten her to bow once by just putting one of her legs forward and making her reach between her legs for a treat. I've slid off her butt before and she didn't care, I can do 'around the world' on her and she'll occasionally take a step forward but from a walk she's super easy to stop. I've stood on her back once, I've hung from her neck (which was tricky cuz she's only 14hh :p )

What else can I do with her just for fun? What do you do with your horses? What tricks have you taught them and how?

Just thought this would be a fun thread :)

Saddlebag 10-21-2011 07:01 PM

I don't think you'd call it a trick but there's benefit to teaching your horse, no lead or halter, to stand and not move while you circle it, first with a hand touching and gradually farther and farther away until you have a huge circle. After the first circle whereby she doesn't move, give her a treat. Eventually you will leave your treats outside the fence and she will learn to wait while you fetch one. One that benefits her is to hold a carrot between her lower legs and have her stretch for it, the on both sides in the cinch area then as high as you can reach. This will loosen any tension in her neck.

BlackCricket 10-21-2011 07:14 PM

My haflinger will "smile" on command...but I have no clue how to teach it. We figured out if she eats something that is not her normal feed, she will do the flehmen response. I doubt anyone ever taught her this as I got her as an untouched 8 year old. It took me a month to even get her to want to eat a horse cookie, carrot or peppermint. But the first one she did...she "smiled". After a couple of weeks of her doing this any time she got something as a treat, I just started saying "smile pretty".

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