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Iseul 10-23-2011 09:00 PM

My "New" Saddle Project(:
Well, this morning my uncle gave me his old saddle he had from when he was a kid and had a horse or two..even though his mum swears he never had one. xD
I need to definitely replace the billet strap and tie-strap, which I already bought, and I believe I need new belvins buckles. Hopefully it's only the belvins buckles and not the whole fender..assuming I can get the buckles off the leather straps. o.o
I took off the billet and tie straps so far (cut my hand twice, they dry-rotted/molded a bit in his chicken coop over the years), and I just need to transfer the straps I have on the borrowed saddle I'm riding in after I finish up the rest of the saddle.
The leather is in pretty decent condition, with just a bit of icky-ness here and there, but nothing that can't be rubbed off and look nice.
There's no way my boots will fit in the stirrups that are on it, so I'll have to buy a pair of stirrups for it..hopefully those will be the oversized ones I've been riding in from my BO.
All the metal work on it is in near perfect condition, with just a tad bit of tarnish on the studded detail things. The wool flocking underneath only has one little spot that's the least bit messed up, and it shouldn't make a matter from what I understand. It still lays flat, but you can peel up about a square quarter inch from part of it.
I believe the seat is about 16-17", most likely trail saddle, with full qh bars. But that's just from looking, I haven't measured, etc yet. I only had time to clean it off a bit and take some stuff off of it.
The rope girth that came with it is tiny. o.o It looks like it would barely fit a Shetland. xD I don't plan on using it, but it looks pretty well used, haha.

So anyway, for a few pictures of it as soon as I got a chance to actually look at it. :p

Iseul 10-23-2011 09:27 PM

Can we please move this to the tack section..? Not sure how I posted here on accident ;;
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