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Rio's Kabam 03-07-2007 11:44 PM

Critique please
Okay, can anyone critique from videos?

Stills from the videos
He took off super long here haha.

Keep in mind that I was trained for hunters (which I suck at haha). I'm doing one hunter show this month, and then I'm trying out jumper shows this year. =D

Sorry if they're bad quality. I can try to get better videos or pictures next Friday =]


Skippy! 03-08-2007 12:37 AM

Its not really my place to critique Jumpers or Hunters, but when i was trained to jump/hunt (i'd guess i was more Hunter trained, not Jumper trained) My seat had to be very quiet and not come out of the saddle at all. From the videos, it seems like your seat is very loud and that you were not quite in tune with Bam's rhythm. It stood out to me more than anything else. A close second would be that it seems like something is up with your elbows (my god, i already forgot what it was that i wanted to say about them, LOL) I can remember they just didnt look right to me. It also seems like you are over-two pointing for the most part and didnt have the right angle.

On the bright side, i love how you kept your horse in the canter for the entire course and didn't knock down any poles. Your turns were great as well. They will get even better when your seat improves, because your leg will become much more useful when your booty stabilizes. I love when horses give to leg pressure.. it makes everything so wonderful and neat looking! All in all, you kept Bam in a good frame throughout the entire course as well =)

You are definately on your way to becoming a great hunter! If anything, ask your instructor to do more practice with flat work coupled with two pointing, leg yielding, and maybe even posting at the canter (fun stuff!!!). Practicing those things are a lot easier when you don't have to worry about going over fences too! =)

May i note, you are very brave for posting videos here. Heck, your braver than me for posting here at all. I don't take critique from strangers/people i dont know in person that well at all. I also tend to misinterprit stuff a lot, which leads to hurt feelings, yadda yadda.. so bravo to you for coming forward to post! =)

You're doing great sweetie!!

Rio's Kabam 03-10-2007 12:59 AM

Thank you.

I'm not looking to become a hunter. I really dislike hunters lol. It's not my thing. I'm trying jumpers this year.

And Bam wasn't in a frame. He can't frame throughout a course. He hasn't been trained for it, because he's just a school horse, and nobody really works on trying to acheive anything with him. -shrug- I dunno. He's not my horse, so yeah haha.

Yeah, I really don't take critique well. I'm trying to get over that by posting and sucking it up, and taking people's advice. XD Sorry if I sounded rude or anything. I really don't mean to be.

Thanks for critiqueing. =]

Secret_Ingredient 03-14-2007 02:54 PM

even if you are not a hunter you shouldn't be going over the pommel. It is a badd habit to get into and takes a while to get rid of. I know fro experience unfortunatly :( took me about 2-4 months to get rid of!!! But yeah even if you are not hunter you should try to stay in hte saddle for jumper, i do jumper sometimes to, and i found that the more you stay in the saddle the easier for the horse!!!

Shannon & Pepper<3

da moose 03-14-2007 06:18 PM

To me it looks as though you are coming down a little early into your saddle, and you are over doing your two point. The fences aren't that big, no need to exagerate. I also noticed something funky about your elbows too, you look like you are pumping with them. Quiet your body down and your rounds will look much smoother. Also, I think you need to balance an little more in your corners. Keep a steady outside rein to balance, and your inside rein for guidence. This horse looks like a great packer. i would really work hard to get him round though. If you get him round when you are on course, he wont jump as flat and it will look much prettier. You both look like a very capable team, keep up the good work.

3days3ways 03-14-2007 10:45 PM

overall, you look like a really good and effective rider... somethings you might wanna work on is your seat- think of lifting your horse with you and rocking your hips with your horses cante at the same time... this will help him have a more 'up and down' canter and go up and around the jumps. also, you need to give your horse's head more freedom by either lengthening your reins, do a longer crest release, or an automatic release. the horse uses their head and neck as balance over jumps and if they are restricted they will be capable of less. also, work on jumping with your horse more- waiting for him to jump up to you rather than trying to jump 'for' him (i can tell this by your too-forward crotch in some pics),,,,, i really like how you look where you are going and keep your head up throughout the rounds, good job and keep up the good work!

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