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CountryBabe6 10-24-2011 11:44 PM

Boarding and average keeping costs?
So lately my dad sold my mare. Now I am wondering if I could find a place to work for a few hours each day in exchange for boarding for a new horse. Do you think thats a bad idea? I really need a horse to survive, literally. They keep me sane. My mom said "We can't get a new horse until we move." Which is probably in 10 months. :evil: We have 2 acres with 2 black angus cows on it 1 hour away from our house. But we give those cows 1 bale of hay per week (800 lb. bales) and a horse would probably over eat. And what if my horse coliced? I wouldn't be there to help it. (I saved my mare from dieing when I was 8 because I saw her laying down flat in her stall.)
Also, what are the monthly costs of keeping one horse? I never calculated that.
Sorry if none of that made any sense... :oops:

kitten_Val 10-25-2011 06:58 AM

Babe, depends on where you live. Around here (in MD) you can find a cheap place to board (~$200), however those cheap places usually don't take help in exchange for the board (plus you indeed get what you pay for meaning you have 20-30 horses in one field, no barn, no arena, etc.). The nicer places of course cost more (and the closer you are to DC the higher the price). So may be waiting for 10 months is not such a bad idea. You can look into taking lessons in exchange for barn work during those months. :wink:

As for monthly cost it's not all THAT expensive to feed the horse in your own place, but you also have to add vet (shots, coggins), dentist, farrier (every 6-8 weeks), dewormer, etc. (plus maintenance of the fields and fence if you have own place). So these all add up pretty good when you count all expenses. Again the amount really depends on where you live.

Saskia 10-25-2011 08:47 AM

Costs vary but my very strong advice is to make sure you can afford the horse regardless of changing circumstances. So even though you might be able to work of the board, make sure you have enough money to cover board/food/farrier/training if needed/vet bills if the barn owner does not need you to work in the future or something.

Remember its not just feed and board, you'll need the farrier, dentist, possibly saddle fitter, possibly vet, all these things.

I wouldn't leave a horse unsupervised that long on a property. Some people might but I wouldn't.

Why don't you find a barn and work in exchange for them letting you ride a horse or something, or part lease a horse owned by the barn?

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