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redape49 10-25-2011 03:29 AM

Need opinions on horse
Still horse hunting. Really interested in this gal. Thoughts?

Very Talented Daughter of Dual Rey

blue eyed pony 10-25-2011 04:04 AM

Photo's not great and I haven't watched the video but from what I can see she's nice. Good hindquarter, nice shoulder. Maybe a little camped under with the front legs. Good back shape. Maybe a little small in the hooves and light in bone. Too much length and maybe a bit much heel in the front hooves (might be causing her camped under stance - hoof angles have a LOT of say in how they stand) but a good farrier should be able to fix this.

Not much gaskin compared to the sheer mass of her hindquarter. She may be a little downhill too - the overlong front hooves would be to mask this so she doesn't look as bad. Perhaps a tad too much pastern slope.

She looks like a nice horse, I'm just being harsh. Purely because they want so much money. That is a LOT of money to pay for a horse that is still a prospect! She is 5 by Australian aging rules and not quite that by US aging. Still a baby, so she SHOULD still be green. If she's not, then you have soundness issues to worry about. No matter how talented a green horse is, it's no more than a prospect, because you can't take it out and ride grand prix dressage (or top level reining, barrels, jumpers, whatever) on talent alone. It takes training as well.

Cacowgirl 10-25-2011 11:10 AM

For the price they are asking-I would think the feet would be kept in better shape. For today's market that is a LOT of money for a horse & they didn't specify what she's trained for. No I didn't watch the video.

MysterySparrow 10-25-2011 11:45 AM

I don't like the look of her front feet, but that could easily be the photo as much as any real issue. She is nice and tight with her angles in the hind end with a good deep set to her hocks. She looks to have a decent shoulder, though that is hard to tell between the off shot angle of the photo and her mane laying where it is.

I watched the video. If you are looking for a cutting horse, she seems to have enough cow to be worth the money. She is snappy and gets deep with the cow. She has a real interest in playing the game and tracks nicely without running them.

I would ask them if they have a better profile shot for you, as well as why they are selling her at the relative bargain of just recouping the stud fee. If you do go look at her, I would have a farrier check out those front feet.

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