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kit- kat 03-08-2007 06:12 AM

I need help on how much to sell my horse for
Hello, I need help. I have been out of the horse loop for about 10 years. But I have kept my gaming horse all this time. In her day she was a great gamer but now she is 17years old and has not been worked for a long time. I have decided to sell her but do not have a clue what a horse is even going for now days. I need any help I can get. thank u! She is a registered thoroughbred/quarter

Robyn-Niagara 03-08-2007 07:06 AM

well it depends really, if she has and problems at all mostly concerning hooves, as a healthy horse with hoof problems can be a total wreck! well i'd say for about pony up to 14hh you are looking for about £2000 but if your saying your horse is fairly old and hasnt been worked at all for some time then i would say you would be looking to sell her for around £1000 roughly $2000

hope this helps!

brittx6x6 03-08-2007 10:12 AM

It really depends where you live and if your horse has any problems. If you live in the United States, I know that in the North Eastern area your horse/pony would go for about $1000 if it does not have vices. If your horse has any vices he or she probly won't sell above $850 but thats just around my area. It all depends on your horse's attitude, and the way she or he acts arond people. I hope that helps. :D

nrly 03-08-2007 02:26 PM

I am not sure either, I do know a friend sold his mare who was 5 at a sale barn and he got only 900.00 for her, and she had papers. it is not a good market for horses right now. work with her or him, get her or him gentleed down and that should make a difference.

forever_horse_gal 03-10-2007 11:35 PM

well what would you sell her for. kids horse, eventer, anything.

Horse_love999 03-18-2007 08:28 AM

well health can be an issue, because of her age (no affense), and she seems like a great size horse. I would say around $1000-2500

im very sorry you have to sell her :cry:


nicole05 03-18-2007 03:10 PM

hey im not sure how much horses would sell for. Where do you live? I'm looking to buy a horse, but I don't know buch about them yet. Even if he's a bit older, that's alright. As long as he can support my weight, I'm happy!


Desert Rat 03-20-2007 10:43 AM

Shes worth whatever you can get out of her. Remember you can always come down on the price but can't raise it

BeautifulBay 03-20-2007 01:43 PM

Try working with her a little bit again, just to bring her into shape. Make sure her ground manners are still nice....she can lift her feet without sas, she'll stand for grooming, vetting, farrier, etc...make sure she leads without problems, if any of these basics have gone bad, bring her back to par, no one wants to pay much for a horse that has gone weak on the basic stuff. When she passes this stuff, ride her a bit and see how she is....has she forgotten anything? Does she move with energy and spirit or does she want to head back to the barn? Is she responsive to all the simple commands like whoa, walk and trot?
If these things are all good, then 17 years is not too old to get at least $1500 out of her as long as she is sound, healthy and no vices.
However, if she seems to have forgotten the "easy" stuff, some people may think she acts like a green horse, and at 17 years of age, that just is no good....people won't pay much because of those make sure that when you have someone come out to see her, that she can perform her basics without trouble.

spoiledrottenpenner 03-26-2007 11:43 PM

the horse market is really low right now so i would probley sell her for about 1500. but only if she has a good temperment.

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