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Hoofprints in the Sand 10-26-2011 02:01 PM

What toxic plant would cause these sores??
So the vet came out last night and said these bleeding ulcers on the insides of my mare's lips are likely caused by something she got into in the pasture. He gave me things to treat the symptoms and we're keeping her in for several days until they start to heal, but I'd like to know WHAT caused it so that I can go out into the pasture and mow it down! :evil:

We live in northeastern Ohio...anyone have any clue what could be in the area that would cause something like this?

mls 10-26-2011 03:35 PM


Hoofprints in the Sand 10-26-2011 04:19 PM

Yeah I had my suspicions about foxtail but it resembles so many other "bits" in the hay. There's 1 other horse in the barn who had one of these as well, but a different vet came in and said they looked like chemical burns. No one else has complained about this happening to their horses although I had no clue they were in my mare's mouth until that one on the side became apparent! So who knows if others have it and just don't know it...

AAAND I googled it and guess what WAS in the hay I looked through last night! It looked JUST like this...
Foxweed & similar plants cause trauma.

Foxtail: not poisonous itself, the seed heads cause physical trauma to the horse's oral cavity and GI tract, including ulcers to the lips and tongue. There is no selective herbicide to eliminate foxtail. If found in hay and pasture at >10%, mowing must be performed regularly to contain the problem.

Continue reading on Poison plants for horses in Michigan: Annuals to control and avoid - Lansing horses | Poison plants for horses in Michigan: Annuals to control and avoid - Lansing horses |

mls 10-26-2011 04:22 PM

It doesn't bother every horse - which is why other boarders may not have complained.

Hoofprints in the Sand 10-26-2011 04:37 PM

aaaah makes sense! So what the heck do I do about it?? If my horse and one other are the only ones with the issue, I doubt the BO is going to want to throw out all of the hay! :-( But I really don't want my mare to continue getting these sores! Maybe I should go find hay from another supplier to feed her in the meantime?

mls 10-26-2011 04:51 PM

Round or square bales?

If round - you are kinda S O L. If squares, you could offer to sort through her flakes to pull the foxtail out.

When we had it in our rounds a few years ago, we sent all of the hay from that field back to the supplier.

Hoofprints in the Sand 10-26-2011 04:56 PM

It's in square bales. And when she goes out in pasture it's a mud lot and they dump a bunch of flakes out there, so she'd be eating it out there too. :-/

Is there anything else that can show up in hay that's ok to have but can LOOK like the above foxweed photo? I mean it looked JUST like that, but I know sometimes things can mimic?

Hoofprints in the Sand 10-26-2011 05:18 PM

Here's another thought...she's the only horse in the barn with a slow feeder net in her stall. It's there because if not, she scarfs her hay SO fast and then she's left with nothing to munch on after about 6pm which I know can't be good for her :-(

BUT could the slow feeder be causing some of the issue with the foxtail? I read that most horses will eat around it, but if she has to pull her hay out of this slow feeder, could that be partly why she's grappling with it?

And if so, what's worse, leaving it there and having these ulcers continue to fester, or taking it away and having her stomach empty from 6pm until 8am the next morning? :-( UUGGGH why can't I live on a horse property?!?!

Hoofprints in the Sand 10-26-2011 11:37 PM

Let's see if I can post this from my mobile...this is what's in our hay...

Hoofprints in the Sand 10-26-2011 11:39 PM

Awww didn't work :( one more try...

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