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bebe9396 10-28-2011 02:14 PM

Starting a lease next month. What should i expect.
i am starting a lease on a horse next month and was wondering what to expect. ive never leased or owned a horse. i was wondering if people who have leased a horse before can tell me what there experince was. how much are you aloud to do with a lease horse? what are the typical restrictions?

the lady im leasing the horse from who is also the barn manager and my instructor hasnt been upfront on what i can do and what i cant. the lease hasnt started yet but id still like to know... Thanks for any information you can give :-)

mls 10-28-2011 02:22 PM

Get. Everything. In. Writing.

I cannot stress this enough for BOTH sides of the agreement.

Basic things like who supplies the tack. Who pays for the board, vet, farrier. Who does the worming, shots. How often can the leasing party ride. Time of lease? (month to month or for x period)

More intricate details -
Does leasing party need to take lessons? If yes, with who and how often.
Can horse leave property?
Can leasing party have friends/family/other boarders ride the horse?
Is horse for sale? Does leasing party have first right of refusal?

Here's a kicker we've had to add to ours -

NO cutting of mane or tail. Yep TWO different leasing parties on two different horses cut the mane and tail. Both Arabs and both got the page boy cut. So sad.

Ask about less than favorable habits.
Does horse - bite, kick? Paw or pull while tied. Buck or kick out under saddle?

ANYTHING you can think of to ask is not too stupid to put in the lease agreement.

horsenaround123 11-04-2011 09:21 AM

is this a full lease? oh you will have so much fun!ive full leased and it is awesome! just beware to not get overly attached if you know you will have to stop leasing in a few months or a year, thats what happened to me and it was a heart breaker :( if the owner allows you to take horse on trails, and other places deffinatly go for it, its a great oppurtunity!!!!
if its a half lease be sure to know when you can ride the horse, or if there is a calender your suppose to be writing the time you will be riding down on. Also know if there is a limit as to how long you can ride them for. i am sure you will have fun and learn a ton!!!!! enjoy :)

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