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CalienteCalcetines 10-28-2011 03:47 PM

Need ideas for horse-y thank you ngift. (Non-food please)
Without going into too much detail, my neighbor (who I barely know, we've lived here a year, but lots of space around houses == not seeing neighbors often) has been a huge help to me lately with my mare. I want to get her a thank you gift, something horse related, but since I don't know her, having a hard time coming up with ideas. No food because I have no idea about things like allergies / religious stuff / likes/dislikes.

I do know she's had horses for about 60 yrs, has 2 now, but doesn't ride now.

Open to ideas in all price ranges. I usually like to give 'practical' stuff, things people will use, but drawing a blank in this case.

TIA for any and all ideas!!:-)

Tianimalz 10-28-2011 03:50 PM

I got my horse friends something and they lovveeddd it.

Get a nice picture of her with her horse, or just a REALLY good one of her horse, touch it up on a photo editing program, and print and frame it. It's an idea for ya, and generally pretty cheap and unique.

egrogan 10-28-2011 03:58 PM

Not particularly personal, but could you do a gift card to the local tack/feed store? My only hesitation with that would be that the dollar value would be obvious, and I would hate for the person to feel that I gave them too much-or too little-for the help they had offered.

If you're willing, could you make an offer to help her horses out at some point, tell her to call you to feed if she goes out of town, etc.?

Clayton Taffy 10-28-2011 03:58 PM

Photos frames are great. Arthor court brand have horses on the pewter frame, or king Arthor brand, lots of tack stores carry them. they are very nice and not to much$$$.

FlyGap 10-28-2011 04:36 PM

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Buy her an apple tree! Plant it for her, a gift that will keep on giving for her and her horses ;)
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brandilion 10-28-2011 04:38 PM

I like the framed photo of her horses idea. If there's so much land around you, maybe you could sneak out to where her horses are & photograph them in their element? Early morning & about 1 hour before sundown are the best times, light-wise for photography. Zoom in or get in close. Click, trill, squeal softly or talk low to get their attention on you if you want, (most animals will perk their ears up & turn in the direction of a higher pitched noise) or just have them grazing, mutual grooming, running, whatever. Take looooots more pics than you think you'll want. Then have 1 or 2 printed, and frame them. I love it when someone has done that for me.

What about a gift basket of things you can never have too many of? Feed buckets, halters, hoof picks, hay nets, brushes... Or vet-type things that are always nice to have on hand? Vet wrap, ointments, scissors, syringes, ripped & rolled sheets for wrapping, etc.

Or something personalized for her horses? A stall nameplate or halter nameplate.

Something impractical & extravagant she might not indulge in for herself? Really nice shampoo & conditioner, something beautiful, I don't know! Head down to the tack store & see what you'd love if you had horses but didn't really ride, and would never actually spend the money on. Kinda hard, I know.

A book about horses. Something maybe like "Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul" or something light. Stories more than "how to".

A tee shirt that has some kind of horsey thing on it from the tack store (or ebay--probably cheaper!)

Homemade treats for her horses. Just dump horsey foods together (I use oatmeal, flax seeds, molasses, chopped apples & carrots, some oil & an egg or two til it's the right consistency--depends on if you want cookies, muffins or "cake"--, put into muffin tins or drop like cookies on a cookie sheet or spread in baking pan, bake til set). You could serve them in a feed bucket tied with a ribbon.

CalienteCalcetines 10-28-2011 05:21 PM

Lots of great ideas, thank you! *love* the apple tree one as something unique. She's trying to sell this house though, so I'll save that idea for another time.

I think a bucket full of homemade horse cookies is perfect! Along with a couple other common use items, maybe; and I will try to get a picture of her horses to frame. Wonderful, useful basket in that case!! =) Would be great to have a picture of her & her horses, but can't get that without being obvious, I can easily get a few of the horses though when they are turned out.

What sort of little items would you include as 'fillers' in the bucket? I'm thinking vet wraps, hoof pick(s), snap clips?? Maybe just wander the feed store a bit and see what looks useful??

SMCLeenie 10-28-2011 06:29 PM


What sort of little items would you include as 'fillers' in the bucket? I'm thinking vet wraps, hoof pick(s), snap clips?? Maybe just wander the feed store a bit and see what looks useful?
Besides what you said, maybe some fly spray, maybe a horsey book, a brush or two... just listing off things I always want/need :)

brandilion 10-28-2011 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by CalienteCalcetines (Post 1214988)
What sort of little items would you include as 'fillers' in the bucket? I'm thinking vet wraps, hoof pick(s), snap clips?? Maybe just wander the feed store a bit and see what looks useful??

Definitely wander the tack store for filler ideas!

How about a bag of carrots or some loose apples? Not sure how much space you're trying to fill. I have a great book of horse treats & stuff. A little book like that would be nice. It's called something like "The Ultimate Horse Pampering Book" or something. June Evers is the author maybe?? I'm not home, so I can't look. Or maybe a classic horse book, like "Misty" or "Black Beauty" would be fun to put in. Or a good horse-related DVD like Hidalgo or something. She must be pretty elderly if she's had horses for 60 years, so maybe a book is better than a DVD. :D A thermometer tied to a colorful string tied to a clip (clip it to the horse's tail so it doesn't fall into the bedding & get lost) & vaseline, chapstick, hat, knit gloves and hand & foot warmers if you live in a cold place (for checking on the horses in the cold), a flashlight for going to the barn in the dark, or a lantern to keep in the barn (battery operated, of course!). Um, that's all I can think of for now.

kitten_Val 10-28-2011 06:50 PM

My neighbor got me gift card for the closest farm store selling horsey stuff and food. I definitely found quite fast how I want to spend it! :lol:

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