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Equus_girl 10-28-2011 07:34 PM

Getting frustrated here!
My horse has had a swollen knee for a long time now. It swelled up her knee and above her knee. I tried cold hosing, DMSO, sweating it etc. nothing worked. She walks/trots and even canters around and bucks and rears in the field. However at times I can certainly tell that her leg gets tired. It has not changed at all for better or worse for several weeks.

I decided I had better get her to the vet and have her checked out. There was a lot of hassle trying to borrow a trailer, get lights for it, work around my uncle's work schedule etc. I finally was able to book an appointment a couple weeks ago. Then the electrical wouldn't work on the trailer. So I had to cancel. I actually ended up making an appointment with someone else as I heard they were really good with lameness issues etc. My appointment was for last Tuesday.

We took her in there (an hour away) and the secretary said the vet was out on an emergency farm call. We waited about an hour and she came out and said the vet had phoned her and would not be back for hours. She apologized and said she would call that afternoon about re-booking. So, we headed home. I got no phone call so I called the next morning. She said she had not talked to the vet yet and didn't know when she could book me.

So, I'm a little frustrated here! I still have not gotten a call back. I've heard he is really good, but his secretary doesn't seem terribly responsible. Of course I understand an emergency farm call takes precedence over a non-emergency, but she could have called us and let us know so we didn't waste the money and gas. And, I don't understand why it is taking so long to call me back. I think by next week I'll have to call them back and find out what is going on or go with someone else. Problem is, most of the other vets are a lot farther.

Any suggestions on how to handle this? I don't know if these kind of delays are normal with vets or not. I just don't want my poor mare to have to keep on waiting indefinitely! Thankfully she really isn't lame - that is why I haven't been as panicked about it. However, I do want her checked out!

Ace80908 10-29-2011 12:09 AM

Dont your vets do barn calls? I would call back tomorrow and ask for an emergency visit (here it is only 35. extra). But for me, when my horse went lame I had the vet out in two days - I don't want to risk losing my horse to lameness if it is at all avoidable...

Maybe you could ask for a discount to make up for your wasted trip - it doesn't hurt to ask.

bubba13 10-29-2011 12:26 AM

Is she lame at all? Sometimes horses develop injuries that lead to permantly swollen, fluid-filled joints....with no ill effects.

WildAcreFarms 10-29-2011 12:51 AM

oh yeah! thats what i'd do too

Originally Posted by Ace80908 (Post 1215443)
Dont your vets do barn calls? I would call back tomorrow and ask for an emergency visit (here it is only 35. extra). But for me, when my horse went lame I had the vet out in two days - I don't want to risk losing my horse to lameness if it is at all avoidable...

Maybe you could ask for a discount to make up for your wasted trip - it doesn't hurt to ask.

I would call and tell them that you have an emergency too. like Ace80908 said and in my mind a swollen leg that is not getting better is pretty urgent. I mean I look at it like this : If someone took a red hot curling iron and scorched me with it on the leg i wouldn't be limping on that leg necessarily, BUT that does not mean that it does not hurt like the devil.

working with a lot of TBs and OTTBs leg injuries are nothing to play with IMO. and there are a lot of things that could have happened. Is there HEAT in the joint? what is her HISTORY? what type of horse is she how old etc...

Bottomline is that my vets office staff SUCKS at call backs and anything except making regular appointments. I have a trailer and truck but it's SO much easier to have him do a farm call and come out here. I think my vet charges 35. for the farm call and 28.00 for the physical then it's just whatever meds they need. He is several towns away (about 30 miles) If the vet you are using wont do a farm call out to you I'd look for someone who will. ask one of your nice horsey neighbors who they use. there will be someone decent that will come out to you. I'm out in BFE and we have 4 vets that i know that do house calls out to me. 2 are excellent one is ok and the other is ok but super expensive. oh Google "your town name Vets" and there is a thing that comes up with referrals and "reviews" by clients in your town. i have found those things to be a really accurate way to find a good vet.

SarahAnn 10-29-2011 01:05 AM

Yeah, my vet comes to me. And as a general rule any vet who deals with livestock should make barn calls for very little extra money. Its not like throwing your dog or cat in a crate... You can't sit in a waiting room and read a magazine with a horse. I have never taken a horse to the vet's office... For what you paid in gas, its probably cheaper to have the vet come to you anyway. I'd start calling around.
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Equus_girl 10-29-2011 10:57 AM

I would be happy to have a farm call except that I was quoted $250 - $300 just to drive in the yard! Then there is the lameness exam on top of that! It is more worth for me to haul her in. They only do Monday-Friday from what I've seen so I may have to wait till Monday to call. Problem is too, if the secretary won't schedule me for hauling her in, she probably wouldn't schedule a farm call either. If only I could speak to the vet - the one time I talked to him, he seemed really good. If I don't get an answer soon though, I'm going to have to try somewhere else because I've got to get Berdi in.

That would be nice if I could get a discount for the wasted trip. My mom didn't think I should ask, but I don't see why it could hurt. I mean, that is a lot of gas and time we could have saved!

Equus_girl 10-29-2011 10:59 AM

Oh, and as far as Berdi's knee - there is no heat in it, never has been. She will favor it at times but other times is bucking and running in the field. She is a 20 year old QH. She has always been healthy and this swelling really confuses me!

WildAcreFarms 10-29-2011 04:57 PM

Hey babe I copied these from Google. I'd read their reviews and start from there. I've found that you get a good idea what kind of vet they are by reading the reviews. you can tell who is expensive, who makes a lot of mistakes etc....who specialized in livestock and who makes farm calls...

Places for vets near Alberta, Canada

General Veterinary Hospital Ltd.

- 9 Google reviews
General Veterinary Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta | GENERAL INFORMATION | Canada - 11403 - 143rd Street, Edmonton, AB - (780) 454-8691

Glenora Cat Clinic

- 7 Google reviews - 12230 107 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB - (780) 453-6666

Crestwood Veterinary Clinic Ltd

- 6 Google reviews - 9640 149 St NW, Edmonton, AB - (780) 444-7550

Riverbend Veterinary Clinic

- 1 Google review - 5611 Riverbend Rd NW, Edmonton, AB - (780) 437-0039

Animal Medical Center

- 4 Google reviews - 2308 Parsons Road, Edmonton, AB - (780) 465-9494

Mill Creek Animal Hospital

- 2 Google reviews
Mill Creek Animal Hospital | Welcome | Edmonton veterinary hospital for dogs, cats, pets, vet, veterinarians, spay, neuter, animal hospital, animal clinic - 8606 99 Street, Edmonton, AB - (780) 432-7297

Delton Veterinary Hospital

- 2 Google reviews - 8203 127 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB - (780) 475-9225

More results near Alberta, Canada

Roperchick 10-29-2011 05:24 PM

She might be like my mare, Josie. Before I bought her she had been injured on a trail ride with the previous owners, and had twisted her knee in the riverbed. she healed up fine and she had no lameness when i bought her but her knee is enlarged i guess you would say. we were told it was scar tissue and cartilage, but whatever the case it did not bother her much until she got older.

Equus_girl 11-01-2011 10:03 AM

Well, I phoned the vet and the secretary said he won't be taking appointments for 2 weeks. So I told her I would probably have to make other arrangements. I phoned another vet I recently heard of (closer to us too!) and I got in for this Thursday at 9:00. I am so glad this will finally be taken care of!

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