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wren 10-29-2011 03:36 PM

eventing watch or GPS watch?
Hey All!
So here's a fun question. i always see the BNR at events with the bright yellow eventing watches.
I've wondered for a while if a GPS watch wouldn't be a better idea. It would tell you your speed, what the ground looks like etc. I thought it would be especially good for hunter paces, fox hunts, training, etc.
Any thoughts?
Any one have a runners GPS and like it?
This is what i am thinking of:

Joe4d 10-30-2011 01:09 AM

I just bought a fourtrax 301, which I am liking, has a few more navigation features than the model you picked, I draws your track and if you hit waypoint, it can navigate you back to the waypoint along your return route or straight line. It also has the screen you can program to display whatevery you want. I keep mine on total distance, total time, top speed and average speed. One thing yours can do which I am not sure if mine can do or not is to pause. Like if you take a lunch break it can pause the timer and average speeds. The event I will be doing count stops as part of your time so doesnt matter. I assume mine will do it to but the directions suck and I havent figured it out yet.

Strange 10-30-2011 10:26 PM

The first watch I ever had for XC was a huge-faced, water resistant watch I bought at wal mart for like $15. I wore it until it was no longer water resistant, which is when I invested in the $90 yellow eventing watch.

Honestly, when I'm riding, I'm not going to be staring at my watch looking at the terrain or way points, or whatever it is those watches do. Heck, all I do is set the optimum time, let it count down, and just ride every jump, where I used to have minute markers and all that jazz, now I don't even worry about it (granted, if I was riding at an FEI event I would probably go back to doing that, but not for horse trials). For me, I'm perfectly happy with a watch that just has the time and the two types of timers (count-up/count-down).

Joe4d 10-30-2011 11:13 PM

Its not about staring at your watch, Its nice to be able to get back tot he parking lot if you get lost, And then when you ride out it keeps track of time, distance covered and average speed. If you know you are doing a 25 mile ride it is nice to know how far you have come and how far is left, All of us dont ride on manicured tracks with little sign posts all along it.

MIEventer 10-31-2011 12:30 AM

I am with Strange. I use a good ol' big faced digital watch I bought from Walmart.

I do all my preperation at home anyways, where I measure my distances with my meter walking wheel, learning how to feel my horses rhythm and speed.

Everything you went on about Joe.......that's what walking your courses is all about. But, if you were an eventer, you'd know that.

Joe4d 10-31-2011 08:54 AM

your gonna walk a 50 mile trail through the mountains with your little wheel ? And put up little land marks ? I guess then you could just use a timer. I'm thinking a GPS would be a bit easier. I ride different places all the time. If I did that I'd never get to ride I'd be to busy walking around. But I would be in much better shape.

wren 10-31-2011 11:37 AM

I will actually be using the watch for a combination of what both strange and mieventer are talking about AND what joe is talkihg about.
I ride and train at quite a few places (local trails, friends' farms, etc) and don't always have the luxury of measuring out the distance with a wheel. I kind of thought that if i learned what certain speeds feel like with the gps watch, i woudl be better off. kind of like how you ride with distance with the wheel. I want to know what 13 mph vs 9 mph feel like without having to look at a watch, but i need soemthing to help me with that at first.
i seriously doubt i would even use it at an event (are they allowed?) and not to look at the ground layout (my pre-BN courses aren't really all that long ;-)
I do think it would be good for trails and things too. with a side benefit of being able to use it to track speed and distance when i run.
i just wasn't sure if anyone had ever used one for event training, or if it was more of an endurance thing...and if eventers liked their big yellow ones.

MIEventer 10-31-2011 12:05 PM

Joe......what are you talking about? You are making a lot of assumptions here. No one said that they have a well groomed track to train on, no one said that they are going to walk a 50 mile trail out in the mountains.

Do you even event?????

My Coach has a nicely mowed area out in an open field. Just a strait line from one end to the other, with markers on it. But you don't have to do it that way. You can do it in an arena, you can do it anywhere where you have enough space to work on your gallop.

Wren, there is nothing wrong with using a watch. Many Eventers use their watches while there are many who do not. It is a personal preference. They can be a great asset.

I don't use mine for "training" at home, I set mine at the Events themselves.I look at the Novice Course information..."Ok, my course is 1900m set at 400mpm. Optimum time, 5:59" ok. I set my watch at 5:59, write the numbers down on my arm and voila. Just remember to start it when you are about to leave the start There have been plenty of times, I've forgotten to press start on my that's why it is great to just focus on riding your horses rhtym, and as Strange said - riding each indavidual fence instead of riding your time.

I remember Jim Wofford and David O'Connor saying something of the sort when those accidents happened at Rolex a few years back. "Eventing isn't about riding the clock. Stop riding the clock. Ride your horse, ride each fence" *something like that*

At home, I work on feeling my horses gallop, minute by minute *marker by marker* so I can apply that on course. It is an important asset to have, to ride your rhtym.

When I am at an Event, we walk the course with the wheel measurer thinggy mabob, and make visual markers minute by minute. So I can look at where we are standing when we get to a minute, and I can say "ok, this is where I should be at this time" and etc, etc, etc.

I am still working on this, and there are times where I get to where I should be in 2 mintues, look at my watch *Events I remember to press start* and see that I've only been on course for 1.

Sometimes you just get so caught up in the ride itself, you forget to focus on what you've been working on at home. So, equip yourself with both.

If you want to use a GPS watch, then fly at it! There are no rules stating you have to have such and such type watch. Use whatever you want. Just so long as it works for you.

Stay safe! That's the most important factor :) Who cares if you come in under time. Just so long as you ride your course, and cross the finish line with a big smile on your face :)

It's great when you have to two put together.

Joe4d 10-31-2011 01:55 PM

Not sure why you are cought up on eventing or wondering if I event. An event to me is a 2o mile ride through the woods, The OP was asking about training, riding trails, fox hunting etc where you can end up anywhere, Not in a arena or a manicured track. The GPS is a navigation device as well as something to keep track of speed over distance and time. I ride 15 to 25 mile rides over hill and dale, up in the moutains and down in the woods. If you go ride in some of the more extensive trail systems it is nice to be able to have an arrow pointing the way back to the parking lot. Even on a track a GPS watch can give you a speed at a glance without having to start and stop a timer at a specific point on the ground. They are pretty useful devices especially if you get off the beaten path once in awhile.

Hoofprints in the Sand 10-31-2011 06:01 PM

Joe this is posted in the Eventing section on the forum and she was referring to Eventing I'm fairly certain ;)
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