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New_image 10-31-2011 01:02 PM

Purchased a pregnant mare, Vaccination question
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I've been given/"adopted" a mare in foal. She needs some weight and TLC (Vet is coming to confirm she is pregnant)
If she is, she is due mid April. My vet does not sell or recommend the Pneumabort-K+1b or the Prodigy w/Havlogen vaccines at 5,7,9 months. In the past I have given Pneumabort and have given the two bred mares here Pneumabort for their fifth month already.

Since this new mare is about 30 days past where I would have given her the first Pneumabort shot would you give it to her now and again exactly on her 7th and 9th month date, skip the first one and just get her for the 7th and 9th month or give her one now late and do each vaccination 30 days late? I have never had this issue so wondering what the best plan is.

And just curious, what does everyone use/prefer Pneumabort or Prodigy?


Left Hand Percherons 11-02-2011 02:59 PM

I would just go ahead and give her one now irregardless of whether or not she is pregnant. If she's confirmed infoal, make your life easier and just put her on the same schedule as the other mares. If you don't know her vaccination history, I'd go ahead and give her your normal annual shots now as well. As far as which one to give, I've always been told to stay away from the modified live on pregnant mares.

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