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Duren 11-01-2011 02:57 AM

Show names for non-registered horses AND number cards
Its been about 10 years since I've showed, and back then I had a registered horse so I just used his registered name. The mare I plan on showing next season is a draft cross and is not registered.

My question is should I just stick with ONE show name or can I mix it up a little? I figure I should keep it the same for series shows, but what do you think about a different same for each series?

Also, do I have to use the number assigned to me at each show or can I choose a number and have a number card made that I can use at each show?

Thanks for your help guys!

VelvetsAB 11-01-2011 04:25 AM

You should stick with one name, for less confusion. If you are going for year end points, the points are sometimes awarded to the horse....and having multiple names would make it hard to actually accumulate points.

Here in Ontario, a horse needs a passport to show in certain circuits, so the name stays the same from show to show....registered or unregistered.

Shows usually give out the numbers, so that they don't end up with double numbers.
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Duren 11-01-2011 04:36 AM

Year end high point is what I was referring to as a series.
So say Stable A has a season series and so does Stable B - I would keep the same name during the year for each stable... "Name A" and "Name B"

(did that even make any sense?)

Or I guess I can just suck it up and try to pick one name!

Thanks for the reply

SimplySoft 11-06-2011 10:48 PM

I would use one name but if your stuck on two, you could always use two. its up to you.

check with your clubs sometimes you can preregister your number so no doubles. i had mine made for me as i keep mine the same each year. i dont like just having the one number card, i usually have 5 seems like a lot but one for halter and showmanship (your back) and 2 for western 2 for english( on your pad). its better to have them on both sides of your pads it looks neater in my opinion. up to you :)

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