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Sheepdog 11-01-2011 06:27 AM

boots for the thick of leg
hi my name is Elma, I live in SA and was wondering if my fellow big girls could please advise me. I'm looking for a nice comfy pair of boots for riding\ working with the horses in the paddock, ring, whereever. I live on a farem and thus ride "western style" Trail rider saddle and busy training my horse to work in a bosal. I do mainly trails, but due to being the only recreational rider on the farm I ride alone. The boots I currently wear don't have suitable soles. i'm really scared one day I might come off my horse and be forced to walk home barefoot. I was thinking about getting a pair of western boots, like the look of them, but was wondering if there are any brands/ types that cater for the girl with not so thin calfs. We don't really have shops that sell western boots so I'll have to order online\ through the person who I've bought my western tack from. I weasr a size eight shoes and have quite broad feet. any recommendations. I will look at "english" boots too, if only I can find the perfect pair of boots.

EighteenHands 11-08-2011 08:09 AM


Here are some articles from my website discussing english and western boots...

EighteenHands ~ Let’s Talk About Western Boots…

EighteenHands ~ Let’s talk about Tall Boots…

My facebook fans have been talking about the Twisted X brand boots and also justin gypsy brand boots. Twisted X makes a line of boots for "all around" use including a western style paddock sneaker, a barn clog, and several western style barn boots. I have been told that these boots come in wide for broad feet. A lot of my fans really like Twisted X brand boots for wide feet and curvey calves.

Hope that helps.



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