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BigGreyHorse 11-02-2011 12:11 PM

Mid Agri Beet Pulp Shreds & New Packaging
Our Mid Agri beet pulp shreds have always been in a 40lb paper bag. The plain shreds were labeled beet pulp and the other type was labeled "with molasses added". I bought a new bag the other day and it was in the fancy plastic coated bags like Purina uses. I really didn't think much about it till I opened the bag this morning. The shreds are darker and smaller than the old ones and had a huge molasses smell. I'm really wondering if I don't need to rinse this a couple of times just to be on the safe side.

Anybody else gotten a bag with the new packaging and noticed a difference?

TwistedWire 11-02-2011 06:15 PM

You have to look very closely at the bags to see "With Molasses." For me, it's like finding Waldo, but it's there.

My wholesaler told me that there really is a negligible amount of molasses in the "with molasses" kind-I don't remember how much per ton, but I was surprised at how little there was.

Go ahead and rinse it.

It should say "With Molasses" underneath "Beet Pulp Shreds" in black letters on the front.

BigGreyHorse 11-02-2011 07:53 PM

This is supposed to be the "without" molasses but in a new improved bag. Yeah....the paper ones tore easily and were dustier but they didn't trap the strong smell like the plastic bag does. I rinsed and really didn't get anything more than I used to with the old paper bag version. Oddly enough, that smell dissipated the longer it was out of the bag. Smelled just like normal when wet.

I guess everything is ok but it sure did get my attention at first.

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