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Cowgirls Boots 11-03-2011 02:01 AM

To get a trainer, or to not get a trainer. THAT is the question!
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Well as alot know i got my new boy about 2 weeks ago and we will say hes alittle passed green and needs to be finished. Mind you he is 6, 15.2hh and a grade appaloosa gelding. (stubborn:lol:) Anywho, ive been having some big elaborate plans to have him thrown into a 30-60 days of training to finish him off and start him on barrels or wp or something. He is a very quiet horse for his age and will walk/trot/and canter with leg but does not collect and lower his head. (he starts doing this thing where he will lower his head like he was taught to lower it but then never followed through with it and so his head is just wherever he wants to place it!) what does this sound to yall? i am a timid rider but am not afraid of him at all and i would train him but in all honesty i havent had much expierence in the actual training under saddle so i feel as if a trainer would just be the best route for both him and me so i dont completely ruin a great horse.

i guess my question ultimately is what should i have him trained for? i want an all around horse in the end. mostly western, gaming, the 9 yards. but i also do english when im super bored and do some small cross rails. should i just have him finsihed and started on barrles? or just have him finished and just teach him to jump small rails and the cloverleaf pattern myself? gah ive been thinking about it so much im just not sure. hehe:oops:

gigem88 11-03-2011 07:37 AM

I would recommend working with a trainer. Once you nail down the basics, then you can decide what next to tackle. The more a horse learns the better they are, in my opinion!

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