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Courtney 11-03-2011 03:22 PM

AHH! I need to get this off my chest.
I've been boarding at this great stable since July, when I bought my first horse. I pay my board bill on time (usually early), clean up after myself and have a great rapport with the barn owner and the boarders. Whenever I'm there, the barn owner and I have great discussions and we get along well.

Yesterday, I found out that the barn is closing. Who did I find out from? Definitely not the barn owner! I found out from a friend of mine (K), who is dating a girl (RS) who keeps her horse at the barn. She is in the process of selling her horse because she is moving to Japan. Now that I think about it, the conversation was pretty funny:

Me: Hey K - how's RS doing? Any luck with selling Pepper?
K: She's okay and she's still working on it. What are you doing with Vanna in December?
Me: What do you mean? I'm still working on saddle training her and hoping for some warm winter days.
K: ... Have you found a new barn already?
Me: No, why? Why would I need to do that?
K: The barn is closing. All horses have to be out by December 1.
Me: Since when?
K: I dunno, a while ago.
Me: [insert choice words here]

Finding a barn isn't a problem - I already have an appointment to check out a new barn today. It's about 5 minutes closer to my house and has a lot of the same amenities as the barn I'm at currently - round pen, outdoor arena, trails, feed/tack room and barn for access. The only thing missing is an indoor arena, but that's not a huge deal. Winter board is $190/month and summer is $150 (pasture/rough board). Feed is included. The barn owner will even haul my horse from the old place to his place for free, so I don't have to walk her the couple miles and cross an overpass.

I guess I'm just choked that I had to find out from someone else, other than the barn owner. He SHOULD have told me, because I'm pretty sure this isn't a new development. I saw him on Sunday and he didn't mention a thing to me. I'm pretty peeved.

I paid for a month of board on October 18. Would I be within my right to request that he reimburse me for the remainder of the month if I move my horse this weekend? He wants everyone out as soon as possible.

jumpingrules92 11-03-2011 04:05 PM

Did you talk to your BO about it yet? I would confront him about it and then further evaluate the situation. Also, while checking out other barns.

Courtney 11-03-2011 04:17 PM

I'm going to the barn tonight during feeding time, to ensure that I catch him. He can be very hard to get a hold of via telephone, so I'll speak to him in person. I'm pretty sure the story is true though - I heard from K, who heard it from RS. RS got it straight from the BO, when he spoke to her.

WickedNag 11-03-2011 05:52 PM

First of all, you need to check with the BO. Maybe the barn isn't closing but to a select few?... And IMO you pay for 1 month starting the 1st of the month and ending the last day of the month. You pull your horse early that is up to you but the BO shouldn't be short changed for it. In fact you owe this month's board in full.

I love my BO and would never not pay for a whole month no matter how long the horse is there.

Courtney 11-03-2011 10:01 PM

I pay my board from mid month to mid month. And I spoke to my BO - the barn is closing for everyone. The city is building a highway interchange through it and erecting sub divisions on one side. No room for horses, or barns, or arenas.

Red Gate Farm 11-03-2011 10:12 PM


Originally Posted by Courtney (Post 1221811)
I pay my board from mid month to mid month. And I spoke to my BO - the barn is closing for everyone. The city is building a highway interchange through it and erecting sub divisions on one side. No room for horses, or barns, or arenas.

Well that sucketh!

On a side note, I wonder how long he was going to wait to tell you? :?

Courtney 11-03-2011 10:30 PM

To his credit, he brought the topic up today. I figured I'd chat for a while and see if he came clean, and he did. From what I understand, he rents the land from the city and they served him with papers to vacate a week or two ago. They wanted all of us gone by the end of this month, but he spoke to someone and managed to get us an extra month. I'm only assuming here, but I'm sure he was pretty overwhelmed and I guess it just slipped his mind when I was there last.

I'm not going to hold it against him. The barn I looked at today isn't my 'dream' barn, but it has pretty much everything I need and the sheer convenience of location is enough to overlook the lack of an indoor arena. In the winter, I'll be able to get there relatively easily in my low-slung car. I have one more barn (with an indoor) to check out, so we'll see.

caseymyhorserocks 11-06-2011 01:19 AM

Well, at least there is lots of facilities around there! If it was here, I would be pissed, we have like 4 places I know of. One only takes up to 5 horses, only indoor arena, and really expensive, its a private place,I take lessons there. Other, people always have bad experiences with owner, and he has took a bunch of horses from their owners, because he gave them like a 1 week you have to leave notice, they couldn't find a facility and he took their horses. The other one has saggy plain wire fencing in dirt fields, you feed, the fields get muddy, and the owners have no experience with horses, and if you do stall board, the stalls are pretty rickety, and look a lot like prison cells, and the horses have like 3 hr turnout, and the shelters are about 6.5 feet tall. Other one is better, I have a friend there, the shelters are really low, like 6 feet, but they are kind, experienced owners and boarders, you have your own private tack room, its cheap. Theres another one to, the stalls are 10 by 10 and dark, the turnouts about 20 by 20, but they have the hugest indoor arena, and a really nice outdoor.
And... Sorry for the rant there about how great the facilities are! :-) Luckily most people here have land for their own horses!

Koolio 11-07-2011 09:44 AM

That sucks! I feel bad for you and the other boarders who have to move their horses and I feel bad for the barn owner. There isn't a lot he can do when the city says they are building a highway through your land.

I'm not sure what part of the city you are in, but if you are stuck for a barn, I know of an excellent small stable in Strathcona County where Vanna would have excellent care. No indoor arena, but they do have an outdoor and 2 round pens and are very reasonably priced. It isn't too far out of town and easy to get to with good roads all the way. I kept my horses there before we moved to our acreage, and still send them back when we go away for vacation. There isn't anyone I trust more to look after my horses (besides me of course). Send me a PM if you need more information.

Good luck on finding a new place!

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