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Micki O 06-16-2008 03:35 PM

Hoof Talk
I'm in NE North Carolina and it has gotten really hot and dry - no dew - no rain. Henry hasn't worn shoes for almost 4 years now and his farrier said he has really dry, hard hooves. The cracks aren't major, just on the surface less than a 1/32 or so deep but they allow his hooves to chip round the bottom edge the last week or two between trims which is every 5-6 weeks. The farrier said when it gets really dry & the cracks start to either overflow the water bucket so Henry can "soak" or put hoof treatment such as Rain Maker on him everyday. Henry is on a grass pasture 24/7 with free access to a barn with a dirt floor. He also gets 4lb of senior feed am & pm. With the heat I haven't been lungeing him and he hasn't been ridden in 3 - 4 years. The vet says other than some joint swelling he is in perfect health. He was a hunter/ jumper in his younger years.

I know TBs have notoriously bad feet to start with and want to try to keep Henry's in the best shape possible. Last thing I want is for him to have health issues because I screw up his feet!

barefoothooves 06-16-2008 04:17 PM

Well, in this case....I'd still not put rainmaker on every single day. You would be better off to let his water tank run over, because then the hoof can still breathe. Hoof sealer isn't going to help, either, like I mentioned in another thread. Plain water in super dry heat isn't going to be a problem.

Does your farrier get a good smooth roll on the walls? Since they start to crack right before he's trimmed, I'd bet a little steeper bevel would help stop that.

Now, ignore the soddy shoeing in the first pic, this was the first time I ever saw this horse. See the surface cracks (the hoof was rinsed off so we could see-it was super muddy). The next shot is about 8 weeks later,( 2 trims later) and the cracks are growing out, and the owner says he's ALWAYS had the surface cracks. Note the round wall (this hoof is still a work in progress for other issues, but illustrates the cracks). No moisturizers added, after I pulled shoes, and the roll kept the hoof from chipping between trims (this case was trimmed every 4 weeks cause he had so many issues) . I don't have more recent pics, thanks to maternity leave, but I checked on this horse a couple of weeks ago, and the cracks are almost all grown out and he's not chipping between trims as long as the bevel is strong enough. He's got thin walls like you see in most TB's, so I used him as an example [/img]

Sorry it's not more dramatic in the pics. 8 weeks isn't much time to grow in the winter to show a vast improvement. I can look for other hoof pics that might better illustrate, if you like.

barefoothooves 06-16-2008 04:37 PM

okay, here's a QH mare that had a crack issue, and the owner had been moisturizing the heck out of her hooves to stop that "dryness".

I'll show from before the first trim I ever did on her, to the most recent before I got too fat to bend over.First 3 are from the right front, the last two are the left front hoof.

The surface cracks and chips are gone, the one persistent crack that was the worst in the right front is growing out nicely, in fact, at this point, it's almost completely gone, but again, I am not working her feet this summer. Hoof mositurizer hasn't touched her since October, but I think in her case, the bevel is doing the most good.

Micki O 06-16-2008 05:28 PM

Congrads on your pregnancy and all. I checked out your web site. You have some really interesting stuff on it.

Thanks for the info and pics.
The qh mare hooves look similar to the problem we're having. Most of our chips are on the sides of the hooves more than the toes. The farrier put what I thought was a pretty good roll on Henry. I'll try to get a couple pics tomorrow since we just got trimmed last Friday. He also showed both my husband and I how to run the file over the edge of the hoof to keep it rounded. He said if we feel comfortable doing it once a week it wouldn't hurt. Good idea or bad?

Should I quit using the Rain Maker altogether or just change to once a week? I'll start over flowing the water trough and see how that works. Henry gets pedicures & mud baths. I think I want his life :lol:

barefoothooves 06-16-2008 07:50 PM

Ha ha, I think I wish I was a horse, too! Meals brought to me, in addition to an all you can eat salad buffet...hmm.

Since you already have the rainmaker, might as well use it up, just go to once a week instead of daily. (I am too much of a tightwad to throw anything out!!)

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