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dressagegirl2 11-06-2011 12:15 AM

What was your most embarrassing moment on horseback?
What was your most embarrassing moment on horseback?
I`ll start:

When I was about to enter the arena for my first show,(dressage) I think my nerves got the better of me and I peed my pants! It was not enough to make more than a pea sized spot,(I did not know how small the spot was untill after dismounting) but the woman I look up to most was holding my horse as I dismounted! I was so sure she was going to see! (she did not, although I think I am going to tell her what happened that day) I was so embarrassed, to this day(it was April of 2011) I have only told a few of my closest friends what happened. I sure hope no one I know reads this, then finds out who it is!

Please share yours!

Joe4d 11-06-2011 08:13 AM

Ive done so much stuff that I have learned to get over most of it. Seems most of my stories start with, "well there was this girl" Ive out rode my abilities and fell off and crashed and burned, but the one that comes to mind was more my horses fault.
I was on a horse ride date with a girl who fox hunts, who was all of about a buck o five soaking wet on a 16-17 hand thourobred. Meanwhile I was riding a draft cross with two speeds slow and slower. Keep in mind I had never really trotted or cantered up to that point and it turned out ****it was a walker cross and had a pretty fast runwalk gait when he wanted to, but he also had a bone jarring trot.
So anyway ole girl looks back and wants to run, I'm trying to be all cool and say sure lets go, Her horse takes off and Surprisingly ****it takes off as well staying right with her. I am basically hanging on worrying about loosing every cool point I have if I fall off. Especially becasue the mouth of the south was behind me and would have told everyone. Let me tell you wearing loose boxers and pants on a bone jaring trot and a guy that cant ride isnt the most enjoyable feeling. So he ****it gets into his run walk and smooths out a bit, and we stay up with her. She pulls up at the end of the about 1/2 mile straight and is really surprised as I pull up right with her, her horse is nibblin grass and "Oh wow" she says "You kept up" . I respond "Oh sure no problem we run this part all the time" trying to be all cool, right about that time my horse starts coughing up a lung and breathing like a old steam engine. Yep busted,

MHFoundation Quarters 11-06-2011 08:22 AM

LOL Joe!

Mine was when I was a teen, year end state show. It was my turn to run my reining pattern. My mare worked like a phenom, felt like I was on cloud 9. After we completed our pattern, we walked to the judge to drop our bridle for a bit check and he says "That was by far the nicest youth pattern I've seen today....but you ran the wrong pattern." I looked at the wrong division when I glanced at what pattern was to be ran. I didn't hear the end of that for weeks from my family.

Allison Finch 11-06-2011 08:29 AM

OMG!! I have had so many MOST embarrassing moments...let me see...

One of my favs.
I was riding a very difficult dressage test in a really big show. The judge was Walter Zettl, a very proper old European gentleman. The horse was fabulous! We did a memorable test and I was joyful as we went down the final center line. We did a magnificent square halt, I saluted, the horse lifted his tail and did an explosive fart that probably registered on a richter scale, somewhere.

My joy turned into mortification as every head turned to stare. As I walked on free rein past the judges stand, the judge looked up and all he said was

"Oh, how unfortunate!!" in his heavy accent. I do think I saw a glimmer of humor in his straight face, though. I mean, after all, the test was over...wasn't it?

It all turned out for the best, but I have never forgotten how fast euphoria can turn to utter despair in a nano-second.

LoveTheSaddlebreds 11-06-2011 08:34 AM

Well, I was showing an up-and-coming yearling in a halter class for Saddlebreds.. She was a very playful little 'in your pocket' baby. Well, I trot Judi in, and she thinks we're playing and leaps forward, pushing me down so that I land face first in the dirt. Then, she prances for a second before looking down at me like "how'd you get down there?!". I dusted myself off and continued trotting to the line. We got first place, thank god it was a halter class and not showmanship xD


Iseul 11-06-2011 08:45 AM

I have two..once was from my first time bareback, and one from just a few months ago when I showed Lucky for the first time. It always seems to be the times you try something for the first time, haha.
Well, it was two springs ago, and I always went out riding with my friend Drew. He only had one horse, his pony Toby. We'd go out, clean the bottom barn and go up to the top with Toby to switch and share riding him. Well, we went up to the round pen to teach me how to ride bareback. Nothing on at all, just Drew lunging him with me riding. Well, I was doing really good, wasn't even unbalanced at all for the first..8 minutes? Well, we've been cutting in around this puddle for the past 4 circles of cantering, and Toby decided he was done and slid to a stop, and then stepped to the left. Here I am, hanging onto Toby's mane pullin myself back to centre when I decide to just slide off instead because I only had half a circle to go after that until we were gonna switch riders. Well, you remember that puddle I was talking about? I misjudged how close we are and dropped my feet down and into it, my boots sunk in mud all half way up the ties, and then I slipped. My boots, jeans, and part of my shirt was covered in mud. We ended up putting a saddle on Toby and working on barrel and pole patterns instead, after I changed into my shorts. Western saddle+basketball shorts=no bueno, haha.

Now, next one. I was the first of the many that came off during a show up in Franklin PA. My first time riding Lucky in a show, and I hadn't planned on signing up for exhibition barrels, but I got attitude from BO asking if I already knew how to ride her on patterns, so I signed up. I've cantered her on the patterns at home, but I guess she isn't the same horse at shows. o.o
My exhibition run came around, and we had a lot of kicking at the gate and gate keeper, I warned him, etc. But it was whatever, I've had her kick during trails, so I knew how to deal with those. Well, I spun her (she spins a 360' an takes off, no 5 meter circle like everyone else lol) and we took off. She was a helluva lot faster and rougher at shows than at home. I misjudged her leg cues (since the previous horse I rode needed to actually be kicked on one side to move over and not just get pressure), we took the first barrel a little too close, but everything was fine. I didn't switch my hands over until half way between the barrels (clutching the horn because the cantle is inch, so there might as well not even be one and I didn't want to fly behind again), which was a horrible idea. I guess I gave her leg to the left, and she went..straight for the barrel. The self preserving mare she is, ducked out to the left, and I fell on my ass right beside the barrel, and then I just laid down for a second lol. She had fun and went to try and prance out the gate and back to the trailer, but Drew ended up diving through the panels to the arena and grabbed her. I was really surprised, because every othertime I've fallen he's stood there, laughed, and then asked if I was okay..And it was embarrassing because of the fact that he jumped in, Im still not exactly sure why. I did end up going back in for my exhibition, and then the rest of my classes-after I took my belt off. Oh, and did I mention the inside thighs of my favourite jeans ripped completely open? Glad I wore shorts under my jeans that day. :p
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Paintlover1965 11-06-2011 08:49 AM

I have many embarrassing moments but one of the first ones was at riding school when I was a child. I was riding my favourite, gigantic horse named Stoney bareback at the end of the lesson and we were all taking our turn going through the water. I thought Stoney was going to just walk through the water but he had other ideas as horses often do. He trotted in and came to an abrupt stop without telling me of his plans, of course. I could feel myself start to slide off to the left and as if in slow motion fell right into the deepest part of the water butt end first. How could my most trusty steed have done this to me? Of course all my friends laughed their little heads off. I couldn't even look at my instructor. I was mortified!

Hidalgo13 11-06-2011 09:08 AM

Hey paintlover! I never realized you were from Quebec! Yay I don't feel so alone now. :) Even though Cantley is closer to Ottawa than Montreal but wtv. :)

I haven't had many embarrassing moments as I am still trying to get into the equestrian world, but I do remember one moment that left me heart broken, shocked and... very embarrassed. :P It was 2 years ago, and it had been my second full summer of lessons and I was good enough to enter in the fun show in the beginning of October. So once the summer ended I came once every 2-3 weeks for a lesson here or there, so I could prepared myself for the fun show at my barn. I entered a walk, trot class which I proudly got 4th place out of 8. I entered the flag race which was partly a disaster because I dropped a flag due to nerves. And THEN the barrel race... well needless to say I read the pattern wrong, and the horse I was riding could be very head strong and apparently didn't like to barrel race. I got him to canter but when I tried to make him go around the barrels at a trot, he turned all right but not completely. Instead of doing a full turn he pulled his way through to go back out of the arena and I was desperately trying to get him to finish the course, but I wasn't a very strong or competent rider yet so I majestically failed. Everyone after me did such a wonderful job, and even the riders that had difficult horses managed to somewhat finish the pattern with successful determination.

palominolover 11-06-2011 12:12 PM

Hmm... There's been quite a few. The three best were; On my first lesson day of riding I threw my saddle up ( western saddle) without realizing the stirrup was unbalanced over the top of the saddle. So I got smacked in the face by a huge western stirrup. Then a year later I was riding and I ran straight into a wall, we were loping and I guess the horse didn't want to turn and we went right into the wall I smashed my face into the wall. Then at horse camp THIS year I was mounting from the ground and I Sprang to hard and I went right over the other side of the horse and smashed my face into the ground :P

Joe4d 11-06-2011 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by MHFoundation Quarters (Post 1223976)
LOL Joe!

Mine was when I was a teen, year end state show. It was my turn to run my reining pattern. My mare worked like a phenom, felt like I was on cloud 9. After we completed our pattern, we walked to the judge to drop our bridle for a bit check and he says "That was by far the nicest youth pattern I've seen today....but you ran the wrong pattern." I looked at the wrong division when I glanced at what pattern was to be ran. I didn't hear the end of that for weeks from my family.

Mine was only a couple years ago,,, so what does that say about me ?

So last month, there was this girl at Genito,,,( are you seeing a pattern here ?) we kinda hit it off pretty well, she was on a big butt QH, and surprisingly my walker seemed to enjoy the pace. Well we come to a long straight away, and she decides to take off, with me hot on her heals. My horse was faster than hers and goes to pass, well unbeknownst to me under all that pretty blonde hair musta been some devils horns, cause as I went to pass, her horse threw a butt block and ran me into the trees, then she kicked it into high gear, Me an Bo had the exact same reaction, "Oh Hell No" SO as we were rapidly running her down horse at full wide open full extension gallop, my hat blows off, I turned to look and then vaguely remember looking for a soft spot to land and only seeing rocks. About 20 minutes later I was on the trail and said girl was asking if I knew where I was. Evidently she caught my horse and some people found my hat and put me back on my horse. I think my ribs are just about healed now.

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