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Cleffapuff 11-06-2011 08:00 PM

Need 1 practice picture!
I would love to draw someone a picture, but I really only have time for one!
My favorite are headshots!
I'm not big on front on pictures cause I can never get the eyes right, heh.
I don't do back rounds either, but I do do color :D

Caitlinpalomino 11-07-2011 01:47 AM

HarleyWood 11-07-2011 02:06 PM

I just love drawing my paint gelding his eyes are to die for. (sorry everytime i try to uplaod pictures it doesnt work.) so heres the web address.

FLASH 083 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Cleffapuff 11-13-2011 04:46 PM

Sorry that this is so late! Catlinpolomino, I'm working on this right now! Your horse is beautiful and I love this picture!

Cleffapuff 11-16-2011 07:15 PM

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Originally Posted by Caitlinpalomino (Post 1224895)

Attachment 79392

Tell me what you think!
This is the first time that I've done an digital photo :P

Caitlinpalomino 11-18-2011 04:51 AM

Wow thankyou so much i love the colour :)

Cleffapuff 11-18-2011 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by Caitlinpalomino (Post 1237079)
Wow thankyou so much i love the colour :)

No problem!
Sorry that there isn't any neck... I figured if I did that I'd screw it up :(

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