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Tuff_up 03-09-2007 06:58 PM

hi i am new and i thought i would introduce my self here with abit of info on me here as it will help with my appaloosa thread in a minute. so i am a nervous rider and have been riding "professionally" with lessons for about 3 years on and off now i am an intermediate rider despite the fact that i am nervous. i have retrained/reschooled a rearing, bolting, pulling the hitching post out of the ground kind of arabian after 6 months of lessons and now he is being used for little kids to learn to ride. i then bought myself a quiet 3 and a half yr old paint mare that was malnourished and i retrained her and now i am selling due to her being to short, and her needing a more experienced hand she is now comming 6 in may and is a wonderful fatty. Due to my last riding instrutors horses i have lost alot of my confidence in horses and the horses i am intrested in are way past my budget which is around 1-2000 cdn.
I am mostly intrested in western pleasure,english pleasure, showmanship,western equitation,and trail.(this is where my appy discussion comes in) i can only afford a broke trail horse and so i am looking for a broke horse that has really good potential as a western pleasure mount but also has age that i can still reschool him and some spunk and so we can live togather for more than afew years and is preferably a gelding. so i found this guy his name is "slappy the appy" (doesn't really have a name) he is
a non registered QH/appy type 8 yrs old 15.15hh. he is really not that ambitious but walk trots and canters and is really super quiet, he loads and ties, dragged cattle to branding sessions, been in arena enviroment. he only needs some collection/schooling work and every thing else he has got and he is in my price range. also what should i call him i like these three names i have got for him what do you think ville valo,manson or graffiti
and please bear with me as this is the first time i have posted pictures enjoy

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