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sillyhorses 11-07-2011 07:52 PM

Designing Own Mill Mix?
Alright... I'm back with another, similar, feed question. :oops: Sorry...

Again, I am trying to get the most out of what we are feeding the horses at our farm on the more "economical" plan. Currently, we use a standard 12% that our mill makes for horse owners who choose this option, and I'm thinking that adding oil and decreasing the molasses content will add calories through the winter, and cut down the sugar content. I'd do this to see if some of the horses are maintained better, and to see them have that "glow"... none of them are underweight or unhealthy looking, but I'm always trying to improve things :-P Soy oil has about 600 more calories than molasses, when measured cup for cup, and it would also act as a binding agent.

I don't know how much oil to ask the mill to add... I'd be supplying my own and plan to use Soy oil. I don't want it to be soupy, and I want it to be palatable. We can order it in 250lb increments... I'm not sure how much molasses they use (I asked once and I don't remember now), and was even considering asking them to replace most of the molasses with oil (if it were a large amount)... so long as the horses eat it.

I don't like swapping feeds unless it will be a long term thing, so I want to try to get my mix to be a good consistency and have it be palatable, right from the start.

My question (to people who have their own special "mill mix") is this: How much oil should I bring in for the mill to mix into a 250lb batch? 1/2 gallon? 1 gallon?

Left Hand Percherons 11-08-2011 10:13 AM

Feed mills will express their ingredients in #s. Makes it easier for them to hit their marks for batch sizes.

Depending upon the amount of molasses, it might be as high as 6-7% total weight or 15-17.5# on a batch of 250#. You can easily substitute the oil for part of the molasses. You could eliminate all the molasses but I wouldn't go over 10# oil on a batch of 250#. A gallon of oil will weight about 8#. I'm surprised they don't have their own source of animal grade soy oil. I'd be more interested in what products they use in their mix and what you could do to improve it. Adding 8# of oil will bump your fat content 3.2% while 10# will increase it 4%.

don't worry about getting it right the first time. At 250#, they'll be running it about once a month so you'll be able to see (or not see) the results you're looking for and change things up as you need to.

sillyhorses 11-08-2011 12:33 PM

Thanks :) I will call and find out what lbs of each ingredient goes into a 250lb batch!

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